Monday, April 08, 2013

Take responsibility

A few months back I wrote about taking responsibility for my weight loss. It wasn't weight watchers or any other system that made me lose weight.  It was me myself and I that lost the weight.  I am not knocking weight watchers or any other system.  They are great.  They provide the tools and support.  They are wonderful.  The problem comes into play when these weight loss systems become the end all be all to us.  I know that I did this in the past and while I was highly successful with the program that I chose (WW), I didn't learn valuable lessons.   I didn't learn that it was ME that did it.

This was brought up in my mind the other day.  I was writing a comment on a weight loss forum that I am part of.  Basically I was saying that by 6 that one night I wasn't sure that I was going to get my fruits and veggies in for the day.  It was a crap shot for me that day.  (It was Saturday....and Saturday was...well.....I'll get there later).   Someone posted back on there.....(and let me preface this by saying that this person was in no way being mean...and I am in no way trying to knock on them for their just sparked thought in my head)...they posted  "I'm on Weight Watchers, so I KNOW that I will get my 5 fruits and veggies a day".   Ok, that's fine....but there is that end all be all mentality that is so destructive in a long term kind of way.  Weight watchers is not the salvation.   Motivation is the salvation.  NO, you dont' know that you will get your fruits and veggies in.  Life throws curveballs.  Things happen.  Just being on the end all be all weight loss program does not mean automatic success.  Success comes from inside oneself!  The comment that would have made me happier to see....even with the weight watchers plug would have been.  "I'm super motivated while following weight watchers and I am motivated to get my recommended fruit and veggies in...because I CAN DO IT!"

Saturday.  I woke up. I woke up emotional.   I consciously made the decision while I laid in bed (I may or may not have been crying at that point) that I didn't give a flip about vegetables...if I got them in, so be it if I didn't.....big whop.  A few minutes later I also decided that I was going to screw the water consumption.  I was drinking diet soda all day.  So HA.   I was well on my way to having a 'blow it off day'.  No veggies (only the condiments on my sub) through breakfast and lunch.  Not a drop of water either.  Todd and I spent the afternoon outside working in the garden.  I was sucking down diet soda and a funny thing stomach was rebelling.  It was flipping and flopping and I felt MISERABLE.  I didn't think anything of it...but when my diet soda was gone, I wasn't thinking and the NEW habit that I've formed kicked in and I just filled my water mug and took that outside.  I started pounding the water and low and behold......I felt 100% better.  My body overruled my I dont' care attitude.   As for the veggies....uhhhh lets see refried beans at the mexican restaurant.......some lettuce and onions on my turkey sub........and can I count raspberry ice cream (soft serve) as a fruit??????  So I never recouped that decision.   However, Sunday I was back on track!  :-)


timothy said...

lol wow i'm on weight watchers and i KNOW i NEVER hit the mark with fruits and veggies oh i eat more now than i ever have but i still HATE most of them and raw is NEVER gonna happen, i'd rather stay FAT!so no ww is not salwation it's like any other tool/diet it's how YOU use it that matters. and glad your bumps are small and soon forgotten that's PROGRESS!

SANRDJ said...

That is funny and I agree with Timothy -I'm on WW and I rarely meet the veggie/fruit requirements! Well maybe if I have a big salad for lunch and dinner.... but usually not! I still think you are putting way too much pressure on yourself. :( But I love how your body knew that water was better for your than Soda.. :) Way to go body!!!

Debsdailylife said...

This weekend I was at camp with a bunch of teenagers. They brought lots of junk food!! I had decided I was going to indulge. Friday night I had some oreo cookies and potato chips. I was surprised that they tasted different!! Not near as good as I remembered!! Saturday I stuck to my apples and peanut butter. AMAZING how our bodies know what we need and our tastes change!

Unknown said...

Hi! Boy, I'm quite a health nut, but really, who cares if you get all of your fruits/veggies quota in every single freakin' day. I don't always. Fortunately and jokingly, there is no fruits/veggies police to lock you up. :D You'll live, and probably not resent your healthy food as much either.

I love Timothy's comment, btw.

:-) Marion

Darcy Winters said...

I've tried WW many, many times. It really isn't the end-all to losing weight as you said. The thing I do like about it is that it gives you tools to use to help.

MY problem is that I've never been committed enough to make the lifestyle change. It is something that I struggle with everyday.