Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't mess with the cheese!

Well, it took me almost two months for the knee pain to rear it's ugly head.  It's arthritis.  I'm not injured.  I'm just dealing with one of the fallouts from having at one time weighing over 300 pounds. I'm dealing with the fallout of currently being in the obese category in terms of my weight.  I know that the more weight I lose the less pain I'll feel in that knee.  I also know that the more I build up the muscles around that knee the less I'll struggle.   Experience tells me that the pain drifts away to almost nothing the more weight I lose.  So I'm just working around it.  I'm not on this journey to push myself toward inhat this pain is....and I know that I'm not hurting myself further by pushing through that pain.  So out comes the knee brace.  I'm prepared and ready to face this!!!! 

The alarm went off the crack of dawn this morning. Todd's first words were "Do you still want to go to the gym?"  As badly as I wanted to say no, I sucked it in and said "why of course!"  Life may be crazy, it may have been early, my knee may have hurt, my bed was so toasty....but when it boils down to it.  If I want to live this lifestyle with any success, I have to learn how to work around those issues and obstacles!!!   Yes, we went to the gym.  Bring on another day of my week 4 on C25K!   I did that.  It was legs were heavy, but I pushed through it.  My breathing did well!  woo hoo!   After my run, I moved to the elliptical and dang if that half hour wasn't a killer.   I have a day of rest upcoming...and while I'm on a roll and WANT to continue on my mission, I'm on the other hand looking forward to my day of rest!

The last two days I have eaten breakfast at home about about 7:30 or 8 AM.  I get to work and by 11 AM I am ravenous.  On Tuesday I was just hungry.  On Wednesday my stomach actually hurt with the hunger.  Yeah, I'm kinda shocked too that my body gets to that point that it's hurting with hunger. Once again, I pulled out the 'emergency' pretzels.  Luckily for me they were already counted out and portion controlled (from Tuesday's snack) so it was easy to stay within my budget.  And actually I had enough calories in my day once again to accommodate eating the pretzels.  So all was well.
I'm ok with eating a snack.  If I have the points there is nothing wrong with having a  extra snack.  My question though is this?  Why am I getting so hungry so very soon after breakfast. (hmmm could it be the fact that I restarted taking some vitamins each day?  (drat, I forgot it this morning) The last two days I've had toast for breakfast ...I've paired it each day with a serving of fruit.  I love toast and I've never had a problem with toast not holding me over.  I've had problems with cold cereal not holding me over....but never toast.  Before I go further..... Eggs disgust me...I can't stand the taste.  I don't like meat.......I don't like milk......I don't.....    Holy hell, I'm a darn picky eater!  Breakfast is the worst meal for me in terms of what I will eat.

 Actually I would be happy going with a vegan lifestyle except for a few small issues. (ok pretty big ones)
Surprisingly, it's not the milk.  While I don't like the taste, I do cook with it all the time.  However, we already have our refrigerator stocked with Almond Milk (husband has digestive issues...milk is a no no and soy doesn't digest easily...almond is the way to go). I have no problem cooking with Almond milk.  I've not come up with a recipe that doesn't work with the almond milk.   My issues with veganism....
*eggs-  I cook with eggs all the time. I have no problem eating them if they are an ingredient in something.
* cheese-  I can't even fathom giving up cheese.  NO NO NO.  I love my cheese!  I've tried the soy cheeses nothing even comes close in comparison!
*  soy-tofu-mushrooms-  ewww ewww ewww  They are the generally accepted substitutes and I can't stand them....hurl-o-rama.

So for now I will just continue with my quasi/half vegan lifestyle.....Don't mess with the cheese!


Unknown said...

Cheese just makes things taste better


Melissa said...

Never enough cheese!

MF I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! I hope that's okay!

Gwen said...

Carbs are not good as the basis of your breakfast (or any meal.) They are sugar and sugar escapes the body. You need protein. I have, M-F, 16 reduced fat Wheat Thins (yes, carbs, BUT), 2 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese, and 1 oz. of unsalted almonds or cashews. It's a mostly protein meal, and I never get hungry before lunchtime, even though the calories themselves are low (around 350.) You need more healthy protein at breakfast. You just have to find what works best for you, and is tasty as well as healthy. :)

And yes the knee pain is pronounced due to excess weight, but it's also something you have to listen to and respect. I still think you need to back down a bit from your exercising, and the fact the knee is hurting now even though you were heavier a month no surprise to me, given the way you have been pushing it. Again, just my opinion. Because I care.

Unknown said...

I agree...don't mess with my cheese!
From one cheese lover to another

Helen said...

Well, pork and pork products, like bacon mmmmmmm bacon are the main reason I'm not vegetarian or vegan lol!

Soy is not that good for you anyway. I don't know why people think it is, because too much of it is NOT.

Also, it bothers me that vegans eschew all sorts of things and then promptly substitute with real cheese with vegan cheese which is probably pressed soy.

I don't know what you eat for breakfast but either a protein based breakfast or a whole grain one (i.e. oatmeal, quinoa) are the only things that work to keep me satiated. And still, there are some days when I'm just hungry by around 11. So I have a snack, but again, I eat something protein based, like cottage cheese or greek yogurt instead of simple carbohydrates, like a pretzel would be.

Fran said...

I would suggest you bring fruit to work for a snack. I am hungry around 11 too no matter what I ate for breakfast but I do my workouts before work. I always eat fruit as a snack in the morning and afternoon.