Tuesday, August 12, 2008


What in the world is it going to take to shake my body from this weight. Yesterday I worked out HARD! I ate right. I did it all correct. So why was I up another half of pound this morning on the scales??????? I have a friend that suggested that maybe I'm not eating enough.....I've tried adding in a few extra points (eating some of my activity points)...that doesn't work at all. Honestly, the only time I'm able to lose weight is when I cut my points down by another point or two and that is only for a week or two...and then the weight comes right back. And I sure as heck can not eat any flex points I discovered long ago that if I eat my flex points, I either maintain or gain! What is it with me? WHY WHY WHY!

I guess I'm even more frustrated because I need to get to a meeting in order to get processed as a lifetime member. Today I'm right on the cusp of my weight range...AGAIN. So quite honestly, I'm not going. I'm hoping that my weight drops some later this week and I can get that processed sometime this week. I'm just so frustrated that I can scream!

Looking back....I've been within 5 pounds of my current weight since last NOVEMBER! I am fast approaching one year of this stupid plateau! Come on now! I will readily admit that there was a few weeks here and there where I just put away the journal and didn't keep track of what I'd eaten. But for 99.9% of the time I've kept meticulous records. I've had people look at my journal........I'm eating correctly. I've had people suggest to eat more or less points....Nope...that has no effect. Kick up the exercise????? No budging! I'm not eating horribly. This last week...last Thursday I did have a Jr cheeseburger at the amusement park...with apple slices. That was my splurge! We did go out to eat that night and i had a bite of dessert. But my points were not terribly out of whack...and the rest of the week I've been totally on point! I've had people recommend me go to the doctor because maybe my thyroid or some other internal organ/system has gotten out of whack with all this weight loss. I went...I've had the blood tests....everything is fine. What more can I do? I mean, I know to continue doing what I'm doing. I've been told enough that if I continue it will just 'pop loose' and the weight will drop off! But a year of 'just continue doing what you are doing,"????

Can I go have a cry now????


Donna B said...

don't cry......
I know it can get very frustrating, especially since you have taken everyones advise and follow all the guidelines. With all the weight you have lost already, I am wondering if your body doesn't want to lose more weight right now? I know it isn't what you want to hear, but all the times I was a Weight Watcher, or read peoples bolgs, it seems the last 10-15#'s are the hardest to get off. I wish you all the luck in the world with this struggle. Be proud of what you have accomplished as a lefetime Weight Watcher. Talk to your leader, maybe she can help wioth some new suggestions. Thinking of you.....

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. (((MARY FRAN))) Maybe you need to switch it up a bit, change the foods you eat, meet with a personal trainer to get a new work out program. That may shake it up for you.

I was stuck for 10 weeks, not a full year but still frustrating. I made some small changes and it seems to have helped. I am like you though, one flex point and the scale and I fight.

Find a meeting and you'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are so frustrated =( That is the worst feeling! The only thing I can suggest is amp up the workouts, maybe change them up. And check to see where you are getting most of your points from. Are you eating enough of protein & fiber? Maybe lower your carbs. I really don't know. I am just kind of stabbing in the dark here. Hoping I can say something to help you out!

I am sure things will start going your way eventually! Good luck & don't give up! you have accomplished so much so far!! =)

Deborah said...

The frustation! I know what you mean. I've been stuck for the bast 4 months. I don't know how to help you except to say that "you've come a long way baby." Don't give up!

I'm kinda swingin' toward what donna b said. Maybe your body wants you to stop there. If that's the case just keep on doing what you are doing and maybe it will get tired of holding onto the weight and agree with you for a change.

Mal said...

This will be the super unpopular opinion, but maybe your body is trying to send you a message? I mean, I think it's worth it to push hard to get to Lifetime Membership (and stop paying dues!) but after that, you may want to accept that (at least for now) your body seems comfortable where it's at. Some bodies are like that. I know we can sometimes get caught up in numbers, but also I know you feel soooo much better than you used to, you can do things you never could do before, and you have learned how to feed and nourish your body. Once you get to lifetime, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy how far you have come...

Michelle said...

What if this is a healthy weight for you? What if you stay at this weight? I pose these questions because sometimes I think we can get too fixed on a certain idea and it can sabotage the whole thing. You are doing so great, don't lose sight of how healthy and fit you are RIGHT NOW.

JC said...

Consider your words. Make a positive confession. Start telling yourself that the last whatever lbs it is, is off and will never return. Say it over and over until you believe it. Before you know it the weight will be off and you will be happy to get the WW lifetime paperwork done. What we think about we bring about. I know that sounds stupid but it is true.

Stop being frustrated and concentrate on how far you have come. Look at your profile picture. You are beautiful.

I do understand what you are going through, I still have a very, very long way to go. I tell myself I'm healthy and thin. I'm 60lbs closer than I was two years ago. If I would stay with the program, I would be closer probably much closer. I can honestly say there has not been a week where I stayed on the WW program exactly.

Grace and blessings to you.

Brightcetera said...

I couldn't find you through the comments you left me. I clicked on your name but it said no profile available. Anyway, I finally found you through Cara's site again! I haven't been ignoring you, MaryFran *g* just trying to find you ;0)
You can cry on my shoulder :{
I absolutely can't eat all the points allotted to me...my body just doesn't burn them off.
I do better with less carbs (starches NOT veggies & fruit)& processed foods...must be the salt. Not that I've mastered that by any means. I've been eating alot of both lately.
Did you only have the blood test for your thyroid? There's also a more expensive but thorough scan.
My blood tests used to show a 'normal' functioning thyroid until the scan revealed that I was at the lowest end of normal. Just a thought.
I know this standstill is beyond frustrating for you. Please keep making the healthy choices for yourself in spite of it though, MaryFran. Don't forget that stress hormones can contribute to weight gain. Perhaps you could try and take the focus off the numbers and relax in the knowledge that your body is much healthier than a year ago.