Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, I was up on the scales. On Tuesday I was up even more. I watched my points...but still had dinner with my family at my parents house....I stayed CLOSE to my points....going over by maybe 3 points for the day. But then I came home and just went on a total binge. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had tortilla chips (baked!). I scarfed down not one but two weight watcher cookies. Ohhh and the last 5 or 6 or six of those zero point cookies...down the hatch. Yeah.....those zero point cookies are only zero points if you eat only 2! If you eat's 1 point! I do believe I may have eaten something else...I must be repressing it from my memory! I was cognizant of what I was doing. It wasn't an uncontrolled binge...I just decided to do it...and say heck with my weight for a day...and then pick up the pieces the next morning. SO that's what I did. I had no plans to weigh myself on Wednesday morning. I mean...come on now, I was 181.8 on Tuesday I binged on Tuesday night. But, old habits die hard. I decided to step on to get a true reading of where I was and what mess I had to dig myself out of. I stepped on. Heck!!!! I jumped off and re did it. I weighed myself 5 times. Exactly the same each time! 178.4. There was a WW meeting shortly thereafter (like 40 minutes after I saw my weight)...I rushed up paperwork has been processed. I'm officially a lifetime member! Wednesday eating though......well, I'll get to that later!

This is a picture that was snapped of Todd and I at Idlewild park last week. (ok, ok that was a week ago today. I've been meaning to put it on her since then...but I just kept getting sidetracked). Why am I putting this on here? Well, because I saw it and was shocked at my face! It's like soooo thin!

On Tuesday night I was at the city park with my brothers family and his kids. I was at the jungle gym with my niece. My dad decided to join us and he told my mom later ...crying...that he totally didn't recognize me. Hmmmmm.....

After the weight watcher meeting I rushed back to the business...where we have scads of green beans planted. It was a green bean harvest day. I (ok...Todd and I) picked green beans for about 3-4 hours. We picked about 3 bushels of green beans (below is pictured about 2.5 bushels of green beans....I gave a 1/2 bushel to my mom).

So you can imagine how I spent my Wednesday. CANNING GREEN BEANS! 127 jars later and I was finished. From start to finish (including picking time) I spent well over 19 hours working..and on my feet the whole time. I sat down twice...once to eat lunch and once to eat dinner...probably 5-10 minutes each time) Nope, I didn't get exercise in yesterday. Does it matter though? My body is more sore than it would be had I made it to the gym. (picking is a matter of squatting and lunging and bending....for hours on end; canning is moving heavy canners full of jars and water....pressure canners....lugging around bushels of beans, etc etc etc). Today I'm just plain exhausted. I got VERY little sleep last night. Lets just say I went to bed just a little before sunrise. And here I am at work....bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Eating yesterday. Well, I rushed out of the house so quickly to get my official weigh in completed that I didn't eat breakfast. I grabbed a fiber Wasa bar that I ate on the way to the garden. Zero points. Todd picked us up subs for lunch. So I had a half of Italian sub with a bag of sun chips and a Diet Pepsi. And then for dinner Todd ran out and got a pizza. SO I had half of a large pizza. (thin crust). And then at about midnight I nibbled on a weight watcher cookie. With the amount of movement and activity that I did yesterday, I'm thinking that the poor food choices will not derail me too far. BUT, the sodium will get me. Oh yeah.....When Todd came back with dinner he brought me a 2 liter of diet Sunkist. YEP, by the time I finally went to bed, I had downed 2 liters of diet soda. That on top of the 32 ounce diet Pepsi I had earlier. (Diet soda has sodium!) YIKES! This from a girl that very rarely even drinks one can!!!

Today I'm all set to be totally on target with my eating. It's all planned out! Exercise will be the problem today. I'm exhausted....from not getting sleep AND muscle wise. No worries's all good.


Mal said...

Ha! GO YOU! Just goes to show, you never can tell. I hope this is a lesson to me and all the other control freaks out there -- the best laid plans sometimes lead to the strangest results. We knew that your body would cough it up when it was good and ready, and it did.


Anonymous said...

WOW MaryFran CONGRATS!!! That scale always has a surprise up it's sleeve. I am so happy for you. :-)

OK that's a lot of green beans. I think that you probably earned a ton of AP's from all of that hard labor, you deserved the pizza.

I love the picture of the two of happy.

Michelle said...

Super skinny face! Adorable pic and very sweet about your dad.