Monday, August 11, 2008

Emotionally I'm feeling a bit better today. Last night I was just down down down. The eating choice was just one thing. Poor Todd, I walked into the door and he took one look at me and knew that something was wrong. Poor guy asked and I just started rattling off things. Yes, the option to eat my own food versus going out to eat was one...but there were a few other things. Things that I will not go into on this blog....just basic "life sucks emotions". (my work situation is one....I like my job but get paid peanuts. THe jobs I find that pay decently I HATE..the ones I like don't pay!....where is the justice in this? ) I got online for a bit and answered emails, wrote my entry and read some other blogs....but I just didn't have it in me to do anything. So I took my drink (GLASS OF WATER) and curled up on the sofa under a blanket and watched the olympics. Todd came out with me after a bit and we just layed on the sofa together watching tv. OK, he was exhausted for some reason so it wasn't long before I lay there watching tv and he lay there sleeping...but it still felt good to have him holding me close.

So after my really good day what did he scales say????? .2 pounds UP. Yesterday I was at 180.4. Lovely! (note the sarcasm)

Todd's picking me up though and we are heading to the gym this morning. So I'll be working out here shortly! Will I ever get a lucky break during this weight loss journey or will I be stuck here at 180 forever??????


Donna B said...

Sympathize with you on the job situation, except I don't have a job right now. Good luck on finding happiness in your career. I thought I had it and then it was pulled out from under me with a major reorg at the company I workd for. Enough feeling sorry for myself! I've been hopping on my bike and peddaling the emotions away. Could your ups & downs have to do with your time of month? You seem to really watch your eating and exercise regularly. I know I went over a month only losing 2-3#'s and decided I was learning maintenance. This past week I got more exercise in and lost 3#'s. No rhyme or reason, just our bodies reacting! Good Luck!

Deborah said...

I hate those emotional rollercoasters. You are so lucky that you have Todd and he is so understanding. A big smile came on my face at the vision (in my head) of the two of you curled up on the couch holding each other. You are one lucky gal.

I was lucky enough to find a career (teaching) that I loved and the pay wasn't that great either, not for all the education that led up to it. I still miss the classroom after my retirement but I surely don't miss the administrators or the parents.

I feel certain that you will find something you love that you can afford to work at if you keep looking. Hang in there and try to keep your chin up and a smile on that pretty face.

Anonymous said...

Stick with it sweetie!! You will NOT be in the 180's forever, take that advice for someone who was on a plateu for 10 weeks!! It will come off, slowly is the best way because you know that it will stay off.

Chin up you're doing great.