Sunday, July 30, 2006

The weekend has arrived

I should have known that if I didn't exercise yesterday morning that it wasn't gonna happen. I'm always beat on Saturday nights...after a full week of work. Especially yesterday.....we were slammed. For about two or three hours I barely had time to breathe. (Ok ok ok...that's when work is fun for me!) Todd and I went out to eat after work. I stayed on target with what I ate. Part of this is because I knew we were going to go out before I went to work and I was able to think about it and actually check on my calorie counter if it would fit into my daily plan. So I knew BEFORE I went what to order. But, when I got home....the house was hot and I just couldn't get the energy to go exercise!

Todd and I are talking about going to the gym today. We are also going to try to get a ride in on the exercise bike tomorrow! Getting re-motivated is so difficult!

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