Friday, August 04, 2006

We made it through a VERY HOT carnival sound job. It was 100 plus degrees outside (yes, literally.....with a 'feels like' temp of like the shade!) I felt bad for the fire company that was putting on the carnival.....the heat kept so many people away. I was talking to one of the guys and he was talking about how sparsly attended it was. But, it was hotter than hades to work and unload and reload and set up and all that stuff! Let me tell you ....if a person could lose weight
based on how much they sweated...I'd have lost a few pounds in sweat alone!
I changed my clothes (everything...underwear, socks and bra included)
three times....when i was sorting laundry this morning I pulled the clothes
out ofthe bag that they were in....DRENCHED with sweat. But, happily we drank and made it through ok. :-)

Mom and I (and Karla) are thinking about starting weight watchers together. I'm not sure. I have been watching the calories....maybe I need something a little more structured though. Something that watches the everything....all combined into the point value. So I'm really thinking seriously about doing it!

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