Saturday, July 29, 2006

Staying on Target

Well, yesterday I didn't exercise. I had every intention of riding my bike when I got home. BUt when I got home I wanted to clean the kitchen. So I decided to ride the exercise bike when I got done. Well, best laid intentions..... I didn't ride. I kept pushing it off because I was tired. Stupidly thinking I would do it later. However, when later came, I was more tired! I was planning on riding to work this morning but there is a chance of rain...arrggghhhh. And Todd and I are going out after work...which means I have to rely on getting myself on the exercise bike..LATE. I've got no choice. I need to make it no choice. I just have to do it...regardless!

Eating wise, I'm doing ok. Last night, I made chicken nuggets. (healthy version to boot) I also made Todd roasted potatoes. I did not eat even one slice of potato. I decided instead to have the healthy veggies in place of the potates. Today I've got a healthy meal planned for my lunch also! We'll see how it goes. It is so difficult to NOT eat when I am at work.....during the afternoon when the duldrums hit! It is plain and simple boredom eating that I struggle with at my job! (Course it isn't helped by the fact that I work around

But, so good.

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