Friday, January 06, 2006

The Master Plan

The other year when I lost the weight, I refused to call what I was doing at diet. I know that whatever I do to lose the weight, it needs to be a lifelong processes. I can't slack off when the weight is gone, or it will come back. So my first process was to get the word diet from my vocabulary. I was changing my eating habits. The other thing that was revolutionary (in today's day and age at least) was not following any of the diets out there. I truely believe that to be healthy we need all types of foods....just in moderate amounts. And right there is the key to my plan. I need to really pay attention to my portion sizes! Which means no double helpings....or 'big' spoon fulls. To do this the last time, I actually measured my food for a while. It is quite difficult to drop...because my body is used to eating that amount of food....and it seems unsatisfied when I don't get it. However, I found that eating till I am full is a totally different feel than eating until I am satisfied. And the feeling of being satisfied is a much better over all feeling.

The other portion of that magical sentence was 'all types of foods'. I don't limit my foods and say I can't have anything. I tried to make my base meals very healthy...plenty of vegetables and fruits. I ate lots of salads. I tried to eat very well rounded meals.

In this way, I feel as if I curbed some of the cravings that would naturally come. I believe that cravings or that feeling of being hungry for 'something' is actually our body telling us that we 'need' something. We may not know what it is...but our bodies need some nutrient. So by eating healthy well balanced meals....I suffered MUCH less of the cravings that I normally suffer. THere was no body was being satisfied.

I also didn't deny myself. I ate the Pizza...I had a piece of cake....I had a cookie. I didn't deny myself when I saw something that really struck my fancy or when it was there. The operative attitude was that instead of eating THREE pieces of cake....I only ate one small piece. Instead of eatinc a half of pizza, I ate 1 or 2 slices. MODERATION. In this way, I never felt deprived.

Yes, I was exercising regularly.......which I plan on doing. I rode the exercise bike...walked with my husband....walked on my breaks at work......and did sit-ups (on the balance ball once I purchased it). I know that my plan was contingent on the exercise....but however it wouldn't have worked with both aspects!

So there you have plan to get myself into shape!

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