Saturday, January 07, 2006

Getting on a Roll

OK, I'm at least cutting my calories. I've started using the slim-fast website. I signed up for my free membership and found they have some of the greatest tools to help track and manage this journey that I am undertaking. They have daily food logs that you can simply write down what you ate...I chose to follow the Nutrition Diary. It is a bit time consuming to log my food as I have found no easy way to enter a salad. I end up having to enter each individual item one by one. However, the end result is fabulous. It calculates your calories, breaks it down by meals, averages the week, etc. I think it is also really neat because it has a little section for journaling. I found journaling really helped when I was losing the last time. I discovered patterens that I perpetuted...sometimes unhealthy habits. It's easier to correct the problem if you know what the problem is!

I'm sitting here......and the exercise bike is calling my name. Ok, that's the guilt. I really am dreading starting. However, I KNOW that I need to do this! I can change my eating patterns all I want, but without the exercise it just wont work. (Or will work so slowly that I'll be discouraged)

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