Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Overwhelmed and a bit of dreaming

​I am so overwhelmed with life right now that it is ridiculous.   I am moving by 5am every day and I usually don’t sit to relax until the last hour before I go to bed, and even that is interrupted with constant things to do.  I want life to slow down.  I want to have time to do fun things.   Yet somehow my time is sucked up with a gazillion other things!  I kid you not, I was deep cleaning the kitchen at 5am the other morning…it’s when I had the time.

So yeah, the quilt that I was so excited about making?  I haven’t had time to work on it in months!

And it’s sad because you can see that I have more than half of the lonestar completed!   Dollhouse stuff   I’ve been busy with that right?     Well no, none of that either.  The last thing I did was back in late December when I worked on the library. 

I’ve found a bit of time to read, usually in the middle of the night while I can’t sleep!  Or a random few minutes here and there.    I haven’t had time to create and edit a video for YouTube in ages.   I struggle to find the time to post on here.  I have a draft of my reading for the last 30 days..it has a list of books, but no reviews written.  No time!

Work has been crazy lately…which doesn’t help matters. I think it will continue to be busy for the unforseeable future, but hopefully the crazy will disappear!

I have been enjoying a period of freedom from weight loss.  I’m not hyper focused on tracking or monitoring or anything.  I’m cognizant of what I’m eating, but not obsessing.  That’s a welcome change after the last gazillion years.   I’m not gaining, and slowly (like really slowly) seeing the numbers on the scale start to trend down.  I need to get focused a bit more…but I’m happy with the lack of obsession!

So I’m here.  I’m not out of the game with weight loss, but maybe, I’m learning to eat intuitively?   Maybe?  Dare I dream?


Amy said...

I am so guilty of chasing the end of the task list only to feel completely overwhelmed because there is no end to the list. I recently just had to force myself to take a day off from have-to's that I was making a bigger priority in my head than they were. I took a day to relax, and when I started feeling the pressure of my to-do list creeping into my day off, I reminded myself that if I get too overwhelmed I will end up getting sick, and then I will have to take a break, but I'll be sick so the break won't be enjoyable. I would rather take a break when I'm healthy so I can enjoy it! It doesn't happen often enough for most women I know! Give yourself one day off from everything. If something is urgent, delegate it (like the boss you are) to your husband. Everything else will still be waiting for you the next day but you'll feel more rested and ready to handle it!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Dreaming is ok to do.
Coffee is on and stay safe.