Monday, July 10, 2023

Time to Get Serious

Life is getting real and it's time to get serious! I can see where I have been slowly shifting my thoughts and bringing myself around to some new beliefs.  It's been a slow process, but I can see where I've been and I'm starting to see where I'm going.

Weight Loss

I have been really low key with my weight loss efforts of late.   That doesn't mean that I have not been trying to lose weight  That does not mean that I haven't wanted to lose weight,   What it means is that somehow and for some reason weight loss has become more of an intuitive thing.  I am still cognizant of my eating habits.  I still think about exercise.  I still weigh myself sporadically (ok, most days).  I'm just for some reason not stressing about the different aspects of weight loss.  I track my food......some days.  I'm pretty happy to say that when I track, my calorie count is right in line.  Now don't get me wrong, I am still cognizant of trying to make better choices.  I am 100% still cognizant of my choices.  I am just trying to make better choice for my health.   For example, I could have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch each day.   Honestly, I would LOVE it!   However, I have decided that a healthier option is a salad.  Much more nutritious.  So I have been prepping a week worth of salads each weekend.  I'm setting myself up for success and I am just living life the best I can.

So how does this affect the scales?   Well, I have been weighing pretty much daily and the weight fluctuates pretty heavily, but I am seeing a change.  It's a slow change, but it is a change.   When I first started to watch, I noticed my weight was fluctuating between 5 pounds.....then I slowly started to see the numbers drop.....and the five pound range went lower.    Do I have an exact weight?  NO, I haven't set an official weigh in day.  But I know that my weight is 'trending' lower!   It's slow...but it's happening!

We took a huge hit financially when Jason was off work for 6 months.  It didn't help that during that time frame we had some very large expenditures. (car repairs, medical bills, and I had to have my cars re-titled and tagged in our new state, just to name a few).   We did what we had to do to make it through that period.  I wasn't really focused on finances, I was more focused on taking care of Jason and his injury.  As we have settled back into normal life again, my focus has turned to our finances and recouping our expenditures during that time frame. Our savings was decimated and yes, we ended up in debt.   We are now on a strict budget so that we can recoup our will take a while to get ourselves back to where we were.   But we are working on it.

So that brought me to the thought of a side hustle.  I desperately need a side hustle.  I honestly recently started to look for a second job.  However, I know that my current schedule is so busy as it is that a second job would be near impossible.  I could work a bit on the weekends, but then when does the yardwork, groceries, etc get done?  So, side hustles that I can do at home?   Any ideas????

I am 50 years old.  I have been lucky enough to make it this far without having major health issues.  I want to keep it that way but I know that the more I abuse my body through my obesity and unhealthy eating that the odds of major health issues grows. So I am really trying to clean things up.  I'm trying to focus on health.   It's a slow change my lifestyle to simply think differently   But I'm determined to live the second half of my life in a healthy manner! This includes not only healthy eating and exercise, it includes the stress that so often overwhelms me.  It is learning how to deal with the stress, the panic and the depression that threatens me.  It is learning how to live healthy in all aspects.


Straighten My Crown said...

I used to work part-time from home doing transcription for a company called CopyTalk. I wore a headset and typed the financial advisors' notes and submitted them. Even if that particular company doesn't have an office near you, maybe search for similar companies if you can type fast.

Amy said...

Maybe you could set up a paid tutorial series on how to make a quilt or Doll houses? Nowadays your knowledge is marketable. You just have to find your niche thing and start writing or recording yourself teaching it to others.

Anonymous said...

deliver pizzas, doordash, work 2nd shift at fast food place,

Mrs Swan said...

Do you really need a second job or is it just so that you feel like you can accomplish things faster? I am getting serious with this following my macros and everything so I am glad that you mean business too.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I feel to move forward the main thing is to change our thoughts.
Coffee is on, and stay safe

jen said...

Stress eating/emotional eating always has been my biggest problem. This last 6 or so months I have managed to keep it under control.
Just keep on moving on towards your goals, you’ll get there.