Sunday, February 12, 2023

Weekly Weigh In

​It’s weigh in time….again.  And once again I was feeling not so confident about what the scales were going to say. I honestly didn’t have a clue what the scales were going to say.  No clue at all.  It was a complete mystery to me what was going to happen!

Scale Mystery

I have for a long time been someone that weighs myself  each and every day.   Without fail.  I weigh in each and every day.   It works for me.  It keeps me on target and on point.   I recognize that there will be natural fluctuations based on foods that I eat.  For example, I know that a meal that is high in sodium will affect me the next day.  I know that, and I know that it’s a natural part of life so I’m ok with those fluctuations.  I can see my daily weight and pinpoint the reason.  If it’s a natural fluctuation then that’s fine. But if it’s not a natural one then I can dig deeper to see what the issue is.   What did I do?  What did I not do?  What needs to be tweaked and adjusted!    It works for me.  It might not work for others but it has worked for me for quite a while. 

So then why do I have a scale mystery?  I have stopped weighing in daily.  Why did I stop weighing daily?  I stopped for the simplest of reasons…it wasn’t as easy.  My scales are in the master bathroom….and I’ve been using the hall bathroom.   The hall bathroom is small and there isn’t a whole lot of room (none) for a scale.  So it really is just ‘lack of convenience’.  I either have to undress, weigh, redress, switch bathrooms, undress and then shower.  Or I have to undress, weigh, walk across the house naked, shower.   Ok, neither one is a major issue.  One is simply more steps and the other one just means I have to be self conscious for a few minutes. But it doesn’t get done a lot of days.   And honestly, I don’t like it!

I don’t like not knowing.  I don’t like being in the dark.  I don’t like the mystery.  So I am making the commitment to start weighing again daily!   I have a feeling it will help me be a bit more on target with my eating and staying in my food budget during the weekend (weekends are my Achilles heel!)

Even without that, knowing where I am and how I’m doing will take away a wee little bit of my stress…and heaven knows I need a reduction of stress in my life!!!

Weigh In

Even with my feet I stepped onto the scales.   I was pleasantly surprised!    Very surprised!  I actually lost 3 pounds! Three!!!   AMEN!!!

That means that for the year 2023 I am just shy of having lost 10 pounds!   Go me!   

Zoey Update

Our baby girl is doing well.  You can tell she is settling in and starting to realize that this is her forever home.  We are working diligently to knock bad behaviors out of her. Things like; walking on a leash without pulling so hard that it near takes.  our arms from the sockets;  not jumping up (not good even now as a puppy that ‘only’ weighs 40 some pounds but a danger when she is full sized at and estimated 130 pounds),  and other basic safety commands.   Oh and we have thrown in a few tricks also.  She loves to shake hands….well she loves the treats she gets for it!     We have been taking her out walking at parks so she can get used to the people and dogs in life…and learn that she doesn’t run to everyone!   Some days are a pain, but we can see her progressing!

And yes….when we first got her we were firmly declaring ‘no dog on the couch’.  It only took three weeks to let her up.  (Let’s be honest…she was going to be there when we leave her alone in the house uncrated anyway!)


Mary said...

Our dogs are couch dogs despite us saying otherwise. They're just so cute sitting there that I gave up.

jen said...

Oh my gosh….awesome weigh in 🥰

We cat people and household rule, no cats on my bed. Along comes Smudge….
…..who broke that rule. 1st cat EVER to sleep on our bed.