Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Pits

Moving is certainly the pits!  That’s really all I can say.  It is horrible!  Oh sure, you get to purge stuff you no longer want.  You get to start over in a brand new spotless house (easy spring cleaning).   Everything is fresh and new.  But the formal act of packing your belongings, moving said belongings to a different location and then unpacking those belongings….absolutely the pits!

We settled on our house about two weeks ago.  (May 16th).  We spend that week moving furniture and boxes.  We did it ourselves using my brothers cargo van.  Small loads at a time.  It prolonged the misery but since it was literally Jason and I alone doing all the moving it was the best option for us as we didn’t overtax ourselves and rather took our time with breaks for our bodies.  (Let’s not forget we lived on a  third floor apartment with no elevator….steps are the devil in a move!). Even so, we were sore…achy and I was covered with bruises!

We actually started to stay at our new place a week ago…the Friday after settlement.  Most of our belongings have been moved, but we do have one more trip with the van to make.  We have about three of four ‘larger items’ that we need to move in the van…but nothing too terrible. (The exercise bike….terrible to love.  The couch…..hideous to move.  Heavy awkward stuff is just a bummer to move!).  We have some more boxes and random items that we may be able to get in this last van load.  But as long as we get the big items we are good because we can throw other stuff in a car.  (And Jason still works near our apartment so he can grab stuff each day when he is in that area).   We actually have the apartment until the end of June (when our lease ends) so there is some wiggle room.  I just want to say that the move is done!  I want it behind me!!

That said…..(confession time)…..

* I haven’t weight myself in about two weeks.   The scales are still at the apartment!   I plan on grabbing them this weekend!  I’m curious…and worried about what those scales may reveal!

* I haven’t tracked a single bite of my food in the last umpteen weeks!  Not a single solitary bite!

* I haven’t even THOUgHt about or tried to curb my eating.  I’ve eaten what I wanted and when I wanted.  I can honestly say it wasn’t good…but thank heavens my eating, while not great wasn’t that bad.  However, The scales will be the true judge!

*. There has been desserts involved…and diet soda won out over water a few days.

* formal exercise…like I was planning for my time in the mornings and evenings while Jason commuted to work….has not yet commenced.  Furthermore, I haven’t been on that exercise bike in about three weeks….so I know that I am behind in my 2022 mile challenge!

So lots of confessions there!   I wish it could have been an easy bruise-less move.  I wish I could have sailed through it with healthy foods, tracking every bite and n100% on plan.  But that wasn’t how it went.  

This weekend we move more stuff…but I plan on restarting my exercise bike riding….at the very least…next week during work!    I’ve got some miles to make up!  Will my legs feel horrible for a gazillion steps that I had to go up and down this weekend.  Sure, but I can’t let that stop me!!!!


jen said...

Happy to hear you are in your new home…..won’t be long before you are fully settled in and it will a real “welcome home”
Don’t stress too much about your weight….move in, settle in and enjoy your new home.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be in a new home! Count your blessings!!

Mrs Swan said...

Hopefully, all that activity was balanced with your calories. Give yourself grace though! A HUGE change in a little time is a lot to deal with.

So happy for you! We want pictures when you are able to post them.

Rose S. said...

Moving is the pits especially doing it on your own. But once there it will be so nice not to climb 3 floors every day before work, after work and so on! I have always hated stairs ! lol

The weight will surprise you I think. I bet you maintain or only be a pound up or so. Moving is so much work that the food you are eating will melt off you! * Being optimistic!* :)

Think of how much fun its going to be to make this house your home and do what you want with out a landlord on your butts! Fun stuff!


peppylady (Dora) said...

My scales don't work. I weigh O.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Amy said...

Moving is indeed the pits. Deep cleaning the apartment after already being so sore is so not fun. I told my husband we're never moving again unless we hire a mover. We hired someone to move the big stuff but did everything else ourselves. I was so exhausted I was crying while cleaning the apartment. Now I get sore from hours of weeding in the flower bed but thats a rewarding kind of soreness. The moment you are settled in your new place for good is irreplaceable!

Paula C said...

Moving is tough. We have moved several times over the years. It is never fun. We did each move ourselves. Maybe if we used movers it would have been easier. I am looking forward to hearing more about the new place once you get settled in.

Kerstin said...

Congrats on finally being in your new home! I am very impressed that you moved everything yourself, you will have burned a good amount of calories there ;-) Please, don't be so hard on yourself, moving is a HUGE effort and big disruption, it's not possible to be on a diet at the same time. Trust me, I've moved 35 times and diets and moving do not go together! Take a deep breath, it will take a while to unpack everything and get settled but you will get there. I look forward to seeing photos of your new place, I loved the whole story how you found it, it sounds wonderful. xo

Jenn said...

We moved last year, and I gotta say...moving makes me feel my mortality like nothing else! Glad you're on the downslope.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

Congratulations on your new home! Moving is a big change and very time consuming. I don't think anyone will blame you for not weighing in. And moving all that stuff is a workout in itself!