Friday, September 24, 2021

Do You : Make Peace with Your Pace

I have been really struggling of late with my weight loss journey.  This weight loss journey has been incredibly difficult.  It has been full of ups and downs and It is so difficult to not compare myself to others and to lament in the fact that I am still on this seesaw of emotions and weight.  But this week in the midst of my despair, I realized that I have to be my own person and make peace with my own pace for this weight loss Journey.  This is so true not just for weight loss…but for some other things in life that have been getting to me.


Do You

I have been on this weight loss journey for a very long time.  To say that I have kept blinders on and only focused on my own journey would be a complete lie.  It is human nature to look outward to other people that are on similar journeys.   In fact, looking outward is great because it affords us the opportunity to gather inspiration in other peoples successes and it allows us to learn from the mistakes that other people make.   Looking outward allows us to find accountability in places that we may never have known.    But looking outward also opens the door to comparisons.

Comparisons in a weight loss journey can be a landmine.  When we begin to compare ourselves we will begin to fall short.  Because someone will always be doing it better at some point.  Sure, you may be on top of the world and being successful this week….this month…this year. But what happens when that day comes and you are struggling and someone else is doing better.  Will it derail you?  Will it cause you to stumble off of the path that your journey is taking you on?  If it does, then you need the reminder to DO YOU!  Weight loss is an individual journey.  What works for one person won’t work for another.   What is a great plan for my lifestyle and happiness would totally not work for someone else.  And due to over abundant variety of differences within each person, we will all complete this journey at a different pace. 

Make Peace with Your Pace

I am on this weight loss journey and I am incredibly frustrated at the pace in which I am losing.  I totally want to snap my fingers and have all of this weight disappear!  I want to lose the weight overnight.  I know that isn’t realistic….so how about 2 pounds a week and be done with the losing aspect of our weight loss journey.   But that is not how my body and my sustainable plan is working for me.  My body is choosing to lose the weight much more slowly.  My body is choosing to cling to every ounce of weight and is determined to make me have to wrangle each pound away from my frame.  And while it is frustrating, I have to accept that this is my pace.  I can be frustrated all the time or I can accept it and keep wrangling that weight.    I am tired of being frustrated!   I need peace


This Do you is not just for weight loss.  I am having some situations at work.  It has been difficult for me to sit back and say “well so and so is doing this and had this happen.”  It is easy to be frustrated with the events that are happening.   But I need to sit back and say “I am doing me.  I am being the best person, worker and employee that I know how to be.  If that is not enough, then I can sleep at night knowing that I ‘DID ME” to the best of my ability.”   I need to make peace with the pace of my employment.  I would LOVE to be promoted and have tried and put my best foot forward.  I  DID ME to the best of my ability and for some reason, it isn’t meant to be at this time.  It is time to make peace with my pace.  Sitting, dwelling and comparing myself to other people is not helping me any.  I need to make peace. 


It’s not easy.  I am overwhelmed with emotions about my work and the events happening.  I am overwhelmed with frustration about my weight loss journey.   But I will accept it as what it is.  I will keep putting my best foot forward and continue to “do you” because ultimately, it’s not what the scales say.  It’s not what some random person says about a promotion (even though everyone that knows me at my job is shocked that I don’t get…considering I’ve already done a lot of the work for that position).  It’s not about anything other than the fact that I have been true to myself!


Mary said...

It's really hard not to compare. I think back to the days before social media and it was a lot easier.

Lynn said...

Are you back in the office or still remote?

Paula C said...

I am guilty of comparing my journey to others. I have been working on losing weight for so long! I would read others blogs including yours and all of you are losing & I kept gaining. I would do all the right things and still gain. I was sick last week so I lost weight but I am sure I will regain it. My pace simply sucks. I just have to work much harder than others to lose. I am not giving up, but I just have to keep going.