Monday, February 01, 2021

Well if that isn't ducky

 I had a fabulous week!  It was absolutely spectacular!!   I mean, it could have been better in some regards...but by the book and by the numbers it was pretty good!

I continue to rock out the mileage!   I rode every day of the week and didn't let up, even after I knew that I had reached the miles that I needed for the month of January, I kept pedaling!  I did not let up!  My exercise has become something that 'just has to be done' each day.  It's kinda like brushing my has to be done.  I don't try to talk myself out of brushing my teeth so why would I do so with my exercise!  And whatever I'm's working!  I have exercised and gotten my mileage each and every day this month!

Food.....well  I kept my calories at an somewhat even keel!   Ok ok ok, there was one day where I was up around 2000 calories...but my average for the week was 1550 for each day.  That is a theoretical LOSS.  HOwever we know that my body doesn't work that way!  Soooooo....I gained!  I gained 3.2 pounds!

Yes, I am incredibly frustrated to gain 3.2 pounds.  That wipes out most of my progress in the month of January!  It is infuriating!  

These are not excuses....but possible causes and factors in my demise this week. (Ok, that was a bit's not a is just a bump in the road.).  So anyway....these extenuating facts......

 Factor number 1, the monthly ick!  Need I say more?  I have long known that I can sometimes gain up to 2-3 pounds from that joyful event.  

Factor number 2, we are going through a huge change up at in a huge change up in the system that I operate each and every day.  THis week was the last week of training....the swap of information from our current system to the new system will happen this week and when I log in on Monday I will be using a different system. One that I am not feeling confident about.  One that I feel that I was only half trained on.  There are so many questions in my mind and I am stressed to the max!

Factor number 3.....could I be building muscle???  I am riding my bike a LOT!

Ok, so factors number one and two are quite valid and real.  Three may just be a little wishful thinking!  But there you have it.  I had a HUGE gain this week!!!!!!!


Jen said...

Ok...January was a practice month, February we start the New Year, New You 😀

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

Ugh! I had a gain this past week too after making changes and working out and expecting a loss. Let's aim for a loss this week! We can do it! You are doing so awesome with your exercise. Don't be discouraged. You are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

That sux. It is so hard not to be disappointed. I did so well last week and was sure I would finally see a loss, but noooo. It stayed the same right down to the damn tenth. But we are not going to give up either. You’re killing the miles. It will get better!! Keep it up.

Paula C

MaryFran said...

I just totally grinned with that comment!!!! I love it...a practice month!!!

MaryFran said...

Grrrr ...we know we are on the right path!!! We can’t let those stupid scales derail us!!! Let’s stay the course and we will show great success!!!!

MaryFran said...

No...we are not giving up! The scales are stupid...but we KNOW that we are doing good things for our bodies!!!!!