Friday, February 19, 2021

Go away

I’m done with winter!   Thank you, but I’ve had enough!   It’s time to move on to better spring!!!

We had more winter weather this week.   I’m over it!  I want balmy weather!  I want bike ride weather!  I want to put my hat and gloves away!

Ok I’m done complaining!   (Maybe).  I am blessed to be working from home this winter!   I haven’t had to stress and worry about getting to and from work in these storms.  It’s been totally stress free for me.  (Well mostly....I still worry about Jason!). 

We have been just continuing onward.  Work during the day and relax during the night.  We enjoy our evenings and our time together...with our pets.  :-)

My eating has been spotty.  I am teetering on the edge of collapse.   Meaning I’m not being horrible but I’m barely doing enough to maintain....if there is any loss it is minimal...and most likely to be regained.  I have not been totally serious about this journey.  I’ve been trying to have my cake and eat it too...pun intended!!

The sweet treats on the weekend get me every time!   One night turns into two which turns into three!   And the the damage is done so all of my work week is trying to play catch up for my weekend indulgences!  It’s not working!!!

I’ve got to stop the cycle!   But even as I type that, I struggle because the weekend is upon me...what dessert!  Should I have my dessert tonight and then just hope and pray for willpower the rest of the weekend?  Should I resist tonight and then take the chance that I won’t get something delicious the other nights?   Yes these are serious decisions  and worries for me!!!

And yes....that is a good addicts brain talking!   

How does one beat that mentality?  I just wish it would go away...just like winter...disappear into oblivion!


SANRDJ said...

I'm with you.. weekends are struggles. Let's make a pact to just be good for this ONE weekend. No sweets, no desserts, no cakes/cookies etc. I'll do it if you do it. When I look at a sweet, I will remember that I vowed to Mary Fran to not eat anything. Do it with me!

Lynn said...

I'm ready for winter to go away too. February is making up for November, December, and January by being extra cold and snowy.

Mary said...

I love winter!! Snowshoeing, skiing...but like you now that I don't have to travel to the airport for work it is pretty great.

MaryFran said...

I did if! I told myself just one sweet treat over the weekend and I won!!!!!

MaryFran said...

I keep telling myself that while March can be brutal that March usually brings some warmer days!!! And March is right around the corner!!!

MaryFran said...

I need to find some winter sports that I like!!!! I just don’t like being cold. And that is usually what we have...cold and not much snow! We have had a bit of snow this year. We will get 3 inches...but then it’s mostly gone within a few days.