Wednesday, January 20, 2021

It's a battle

 Just recently I was thinking about my weight loss journey over the years.  Throughout the years I have been either hot on the trail of weight loss or I have been amazingly active. It seems as if I can never have both things at the same time.  Yet if I had both things in line at the same time I would be absolutely golden!  But it never seems to happen that way.  

Years back I called myself the fattest fit person...because I was in the obese category but I was running daily, going to zumba, riding my bike, hiking and all sorts of activities.  But I wasn't losing weight!   There have been times where I was losing amazing amounts of weight...but I wasn't being active!  Why can I not get both of these things under control at once!  And then this week it hit me.  There is a battle between the two! 

All along I have in my mind linked getting fit with losing weight.  And don't get me wrong, they do go hand in hand.  The food I eat is what fuels me to do the activity.  The activity I do is what helps burn excess calories. It all works together.  But this week I realized that I have been erroneous!  I have been making these two things all one in the same when in reality I am on TWO different journeys!  I am on a journey to lose weight.  But I am also on a journey to get fit.   Similar...but two totally different journeys!

I need to start focusing on each of these as their own entity!  You see,  I set a huge fitness goal for my year 2021.  I planned to do my mileage of 201 miles for the year. And I went into the new year totally focused on that fitness challenge. I was thinking that I had covered my bases and I had good goals for the year!    And it is a great goal.  I have been super focused on working toward that goal and to take the steps that I need to in order to reach that goal.  It has been awesome (and stressful).  But seriously...that's a fitness goal.  Sure, my weight may come off as a side effect of me pursuing that goal, but am I doing anything about my weight??  What about a weight related goal???? What about my weight loss journey????

You see...I was focused on one thing and since it was lumped together I thought I was good!  But no...I need to be focused on what I can do for my weight loss efforts also!  So right here and right now I am setting a goal.  And let me tell you, I am cringing to write this out...because I HATE to set weight loss goals.  Sometimes there are factors out of our control that keep us from losing weight.  And I don't want to set myself up for failure!  But I am roughly 47 pounds away from 200 pounds.  Sooooo my goal for the year 2021 is to get under 200 pounds.  That is one pound a week!  I know what I need to do in order to reach it!     Now if my body and mind cooperate I'll be good!

So I really am on two journeys.  The first journey is to lose weight!  The second journey is to be fit!  They are both equally important.  They will both benefit each other.  But they are two very separate journeys!!!!  I've got this!!!


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I am rethinking my weight loss goals and trying to come out of hiding with a better plan for my success. So I have been thinking a lot about setting weight loss goals vs. other goals, like fitness related ones, too. You are right, they feel like separate journeys, which makes it difficult.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Yes, planning is sometime the hardest part of weight lost journey. But if there no planning, it like your putting your self into failure. I know I do. If I was my consistent I would of easily drop 10 to 20 pounds. See I use If I was...I should be using the term I will be more consistent. It surely mind set.
Coffee is on and stay safe

SANRDJ said...

Why can't it just be easy? That was the same for me. When I first started my WL journey, it was all about food and then I started my fitness journey, but then my food took a back seat. It's hard to manage 2 journeys simultaneously but it's obviously possible. People do it all the time! :) It just takes more work. You got this.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. i do so well with exercise but when it comes to eating I really do struggle. And I can confirm that exercise helps but it’s not the answer to weight loss. I am proof fat chicks can run. I am working on balance. I am working on cutting down on processed foods and portion sizes. For me, I need to cut down on fat. I have lost the most weight on Dr. McDougall diet. I did lose a pound last week, but I am not sure about this week, I had one day where I was so hungry I ate the house down.

Paula C