Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Tips to Avoid Emotional Eating

OK guys.  I am  a total emotional eater!  I can't lie and I can't keep it a secret.  What is the problem with that?  Emotional eating can wreak havoc with a weight loss journey.   Emotional eating is a sure fire way to derail me from achieving my goals on the scales.  I (we) can't let that happen!    When I'm stressed and emotional I turn to food.  It is my comfort and my go to and I fail a lot.  But with an arsenal of techniques and tips to avoid emotional eating, which I have listed below we may just be able to avoid that pitfall of emotional eating!

Emotions with Weight Loss

I had a situation occur about a week ago.  It came out of the blue and was completely unexpected.  It was something that if you know me you would know that not only was it a shock for me but anyone that knows me is shocked.  Jason's words were "Me, I would expect it but with you?  No way!"  The situation totally demoralized me and sent me into a tailspin in terms of my emotions.  It wasn't pretty! I wanted to run to the kitchen with all due haste!  I wanted to shovel in piles of chips and pretzels.  I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies and eat half of the cookie dough and bake the rest and eat those cookies!  I wanted to drown my sorrows in food!

But I didn't!  I stayed away from the kitchen.  Oh my, let me tell was difficult!  But I did it!   Jason came home from work and we headed out for our walk and I talked to him (and cried).  Midway through the walk I realized something so important!

I didn't cave to Emotional Eating  

NO.  I didn't cave!  I won that round!!!!!  I did  not eat my emotions.  I took a different route to handle my emotions and it worked!!!  So what did I do????

1.  I asked myself,  Do you want to eat and stay fat or do you want to not eat and get thin???   I talked about this a week or so ago.  This is a choice and we just need to look at the LONG term benefits and consequences versus the here and now benefit!

2.  Write write write!   I pulled out my journal and I wrote about my emotions.  I have kept a journal for years.   I find that I tend to write more when I'm dealing with emotions and turmoil.  It really is a great way for me to destress and get those emotions out!

3.  Go for a walk, run, bike ride!  It doesn't matter what you do, just get out there and move!  The physical exertion will release endorphins and will help negate the emotional upheaval you are in.  The sweat will help wash away your issues.  Jason got home from work and he had me out walking within minutes!  And I felt better when we got home!!

4.  Talk to a friend.   During my walk with Jason I just opened up and poured out my heart.  He is a saint.  He listened, held my  hand and just supported me as I talked and cried.   Sometimes just talking to someone and having them listen  is all you need to let out those emotions in a healthy manner!

5.  Stay out of the kitchen!  One of the biggest tips is to just stay out of the kitchen.  Don't walk in to put a plate in the sink.  Don't put yourself in near proximity to food.  STAY AWAY from the kitchen!   Find something to do that will keep you out of the kitchen. Pick up a book, watch a movie, write a poem or work on your hobby!  It doesn't matter what you do.....just stay busy!!!!!

These tips are ways that I was able to navigate the pitfall of emotional eating in a successful way that did not derail me from my weight loss journey.  When emotions hit, you have to have a plan.  You have to have a plan of attack.  You have to do whatever it takes to avoid the emotional eating. Emotional eating is a temporary fix that will only lead you to be more angry with will NOT fix the issue and will NOT get you to your goal of being fit and healthy!   I will be working to keep these tips first and foremost in my mind because I want to conquer this weight loss journey!!!


Amy said...

Success! An emotional eating author I love writes that she welcomes the times we are up against these "triggers" and even those times when we give into it because it gives us the opportunity to look deeper into what was going on so we can maybe head it off at the pass next time those feelings come up. Another tool I like is the Brain Over Binge series of books, which explains the biological reasons we get conditioned to reach for food when we're not hungry. It all makes sense, but wanting to overcome it is the first step in having success in implementing it.

Rebooting Myself said...

I'm proud of you for not running to the fridge and finding a different outlet to channel those emotions! You definitely did the right thing! I would definitely call that a success even if the day sucked. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

How I wish I had this yesterday! Yes I stress eat and that is what happened yesterday. I did go for a run & stuck to my intermittent fasting plan, but the damage I did in the eating window. Thank you for posting this. I need it!!

Paula C