Friday, July 10, 2020

Choices in a Weight Loss Journey

Last weekend I had my epiphany and drew that line in the sand. I said no more of this sitting on the fence and talking about losing weight and floundering on the scales.  I said no more only putting half the effort into my weight loss journey.  I was going to go all in   No ifs ands or buts.  It was happening!  I am quite proud to say that I did exactly what I said I was going to do.  I got serious.  I got serious and part of my success this week has been by asking myself one simple question.

Do I want to be fat or do I want to be thin?

That seems like such a simple question doesn't it?  Do you want to be fat or do you want to be thin?  It's a yes or no question, right?   You can make it a yes or no answer, but I dove deeper.   Every action that I complete has to have that question applied to it.  

*Should I go for a walk? I want to be fat or thin??
* I really want to eat that piece of cake. I want to be fat or thin???
* You want me to go for a  bike ride?  In this heat!  Are you nuts? I want to be fat or thin???
**Crackers  and Cheese, that sounds so delicious for a snack right now, even though I just ate a snack 5 minutes ago!!! I want to be fat or thin????

My mission is to apply that question to everything I eat and everything that I do.  Is this choice going to make me fat?  Or is this choice going to make me thin?    I started to write this post and I was only thinking about this weight loss choice in terms of my eating.  BUT.....I didn't ride my exercise bike at lunch on Thursday.  I didn't ask myself that question when I made the decision to skip the ride. I'm pretty sure if I had asked if I wanted to sit and relax and work on being fat versus getting on the bike and work on being thin, that I would have chosen thin!   EVERY thing I do applies to this choice.

I have written about weight loss being a choice so many time in the past.  This isn't a new concept for me.  But I seem to have forgotten about it somewhere.  I wrote about it in 2019  in regards to working out.  I wrote about how choosing to wake up early to work out was a choice.  I needed to decide to make the choice to commit to early morning workouts.   It was a choice. It’s always a choice.  The problem is that sometimes, ok most of the time, we either forget to ask the question or we only as part of the question.  We are only saying ‘do I want this cookie right now’. We are not giving ourselves the alternative.   Well sure I want that cookie right now.  I’m not thinking about the tomorrow or eating that cookie!   But if I as myself.  Do you want the cookie and be stay fat? Or do you want to forgo the cookie and work on being thin!   And no..I’m not saying a cookie will make a person fat...but on a weight loss journey we really have to choose our indulgences with care!!!  

Ask the whole question.   Weight loss is a choice.   Every thing we do is a choice and those choices will cause us to gain weight, maintain our weight or to actually lose weight.  It comes down to this, doyou want something bad enough to give up or delay your end result of being thin?   Ask yourself the question.  Do you want to be fat or thin? 


peppylady (Dora) said...

Health is choice, very true.

Anonymous said...

I have drawn my line in the sand too. You motivated me to get moving. I have been asking myself that same question and I plan to continue asking. This week saw a small gain (0.2 pounds). Next week it will be a loss!

Paula C

MaryFran said...

It’s hard to remember though...because we typically only look at the choice in terms of the here and now...

MaryFran said...

Yay! You can do it!!!! We can do it!!! I have stopped myself on more than on occasion when I asked that question to myself.

The more days I am successful, the more empowered and strong I feel!!!!

Iowabovine said...

Go for it!! I like your attitude. Now just keep that junk food out of the house and keep the IF going. IF is the ONLY thing that helps me keep my weight in check. That and my Nutribullet smoothies. If it's 3pm and I think I am starving....I tell myself that I can wait two more hours and then have a wonderful cherry/almond/orange smoothie. Especially when it is 90+ degrees here every day.

The other hint I have is to make a gallon of good quality decaf ice tea from bags and have it at the ready to chug all day....seems to quench hunger and thirst (does this sound like a commercial?? ha), and is a bit of a change from H2O.

MaryFran said...

I am rolling on and not giving up. The more I see success too, the more that I am motivated to continue!!!

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