Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekly weigh In

Another week has come and gone!   In some ways this weekend was fantastic but in other ways this week was a bust.

Let’s talk about fantastic first.  

The weekend that started this weigh in week started out with an ice storm.  We ran a few errands and did some chores around the house.  It was a nice relaxing day.  On Sunday we decided to get out and hike.  The weather had cleared and the sun was out, it was perfect!

Ok up at the trailhead it was a bit icy (solid showed of ice).  Surely the trail would be clear...right?

Not exactly, but we hiked anyway....carefully!  It was a good time!

Monday was back to work.  I managed to get in multiple rides on the exercise bike (at 4:45AM).  Go me!

My food wasn’t perfect...but I did stArt to pull on the reigns to slow the bad spiral down.  However my weight was just being wonky.  I was continually disgusted with the scales and with myself!

And my official weigh in for the week has me gaining 0.4 pounds.  So a half pound up!  (Yes, it could have been worse and looked like it was going to be all week long!)

So I did some soul searching.  What did I need to do to change this course!  What cha fed did I need to make to start losing!   I want this to be a lifestyle that can last forever.  I need to not give up my favorite foods.  It have to live my life.   I want to find that balance.  But I know I need to make a change.

This journey is full of pitfalls and land mines that cause us to take a detour and to chose other paths.   This is one of those times in my weight loss journey.  A new path is in the works.  Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

I am experiencing what you are. I calorie count too. I really don’t like it and I have not been losing. I am doing my exercise. I run 3 days a week and I do Total Gym 3 days a week. I can confirm that you cannot lose weight with exercise alone. I have been so focused on calorie counting, you know, keep that number as low as possible, that I am not eating as healthy as I could. Like you I am looking at what worked for me in the past. For me it was Dr McDougall. No fat type diet. He feels that the fat you eat is the fat you wear. But I think I need some healthy fats. But I am thinking it is time to focus on how much fat I am eating & less calorie concentration. Let us know how WW digital works for you. Saw it on QVC yesterday.

Paula C

Shelley said...

I think January is just a rough month in general - so much pressure to start the year with a diet and gym membership and change your life and get healthy...ugh. It makes any little blip feel like a monumental failure.

Anonymous said...

If you are truly serious about changing and losing weight: stop eating sugar and stop eating refined flour. very simple.

Mrs Swan said...

I cannot wait to see how WW goes for you! I'm glad that you said what it was in the video and didn't leave us hanging on just the changes coming part. LOL

MaryFran said...

So far it’s working well...if I don’t pop up on the scales for my weigh in tomorrow it’s going to be big!!!

MaryFran said...

Very true! A lot of focus on health in January!!!

MaryFran said...

Hahahaha. It all happened so fast. The idea came to my head...I researched it...I started it...right when I was writing the blog and recoding the video. :-)