Sunday, July 02, 2017

Plans and changes

Life will be changing drastically for me.  Lots of changes.  Some I know about...some I'm guessing at.  The first change occurs  July 3.  I am changing branch locations where I work.  It's kinda crazy because while I will be doing the same job and the actual work will be the same, it is very much like I am starting a brand new job.  It's crazy that after 10 years with this company that I will know no one that I am working with.  Yeah, I'm a bit nervous.  (isn't that crazy.....especially since I will have more seniority than my new co-workers....I think the manager is the only one that beats me on

The other changes I am not going to get into right now....look for a first update within 2-3 weeks.

But really what I'm thinking is that I'm starting a 'new job' (Ok, a new old job....or whatever you want to call this change).   What a perfect opportunity to make some changes in my every day life!!!   I mean with my eating!   Healthy foods and all that jazz!  It's a fresh start!   There will be a lot of changes because my normal schedule will be all whacked out and running in the morning may be touch and go with whatever schedule they give me....and with the extra drive time to get to my new office.   But that's ok.....I will just figure it out and make something work!!!!  (I might be investing in some reflectors and such for early early early morning run!)

The other thing??? My month of no numbers is over.  It wasn't a colossal failure.  I didn't gain a bunch.  I didn't lose a bunch.  I kinda sat stagnant!  It's time to roll into this journey and really focus on getting my numbers to go down....and if they don't go down I want  to at least end the month by being able to sit back and say "Wow....I can see that my health has fitness has improved.....I'm a better person!"  

The habits I worked on forming in the month of June (tracking, water, activity) will carry onward.....that is a good basis for a healthy lifestyle!

But that said, I have a goal date in mind......5 weeks from July 3 (August 7th).   I want to be 10ish pounds down.  2 pound a week!  That's my plan and I"m sticking to it!   Yup..this time it's gonna work....I can feel it in my bones!!!!  New start and all that!!!!   And the other changes coming in my future.....well they will just give me more opportunities to make healthy lifestyle changes too!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you am here cheering you on lady

jesseybell said...

Good luck with your first day of your "new job" - A perfect opportunity to make changes!

Rebooting Myself said...

You got this!

Sarah said...

Have a great first day at the new place.

I can't wait to follow along with you and all the fresh new start changes!

If you find the secret to all of this, be sure to share that info. LOL

Lynn said...

Now I'm curious about the rest! Don't leave us curious kitties hanging! Good luck with your new job, you will do great.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I think a new start is good sometimes! I hope this is a good change for you and that you meet that 10 pound goal :)

Shelly said...

I hope everything went well this week