Thursday, July 06, 2017

Well Then

The new/sorta new job started on Monday.  And boy was it a day!!!!   I almost wrote up a resignation letter that day!  I saw Jason a half hour to forty five minutes after leaving (the time of the drive home) and he took one look at me and knew something was wrong.  Yes he showed that ounce of kindness and I just burst into tears.  (Poor guy!!).     Things have gotten better each day.    I am finally getting the information and supplies I need...slowly.   But hey I have a chair at my desk now and I found the bathroom (on my own since no one had the time/inclination to give me the nickel tour) !!!! That's good right??  (And I kid you not...those were just two of the many issues the first day!!!)

So here I am!!!!   I was so keyed up with nerves and then just stress about well...working at a desk without a chair and not knowing where the bathroom was (amongst a gazillion other things)  that I ate next to nothing at work this week.  My weight dropped!   I'm hoping I can hold onto that lower weight.  

But the problem?   I'm working mad hours (for me because I don't normally work overtime for this my old branch we got in trouble if we had overtime) .   I'm already at 35 hours for this week (well I am when I add in the 8 hours of holiday time) and I am scheduled for a 10 hour day tomorrow and they are talking about adding Saturday on.    Next week I am scheduled for 48 hours.    Ok a few extra bucks isn't a problem.  What IS a problem is the lack of time to get in a run in the morning.    

So I guess this month is going to be the month of good eating.  I will move/exercise  when I can ...but any weight loss (and I'm still aiming for 10 pounds) is going to be through healthy eating alone!    

Game on!!

 That said...I have somehow already managed about 50 miles  in the month of July!   (I need 172 miles to hold even in my 2017 miles in 2017! .   

A long bike ride on Sunday

 and of course stopped for animals...

......toured an old fort (Fort Frederick)

(No that's not Jason!  Hahah)

...I push mowed on Monday...

And yard sales on Tuesday coupled  with a bike ride helped!!! 

Yes we got out and rode our bikes on the Fourth of July!  We went to the's shaded with lots of huge trees!!!

So I'm moving....I'm trying!!!!!  

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