Friday, June 30, 2017


Let's just pretend that this last week did not happen!!!!  Seriously. 

I had a job interview on Monday morning.  

Monday afternoon I thought my teeth were going to fall out of my head with the onset of the sinus pain!

The headaches continued through the week...but I am happy to say that my teeth pain eased up.

The stress of my job and the uncertainty of my continued employment at the said job just drive me bonkers.

I tracked next to nothing.

I drank next to no water.  

I didn't run.

I barely moved.

I DID go for a bike ride on Wednesday afternoon.  I got off work at 2 and lucky for me Jason got off early too!

Oh and my eating has been not that stellar.

The week was a bust!!!!

So my weight for this week...I'm up a pound.   For the month...down a pound.  

My month of no numbers is over.  It wasn't a total bust.  It kept me somewhat on target but gave me a break.   

What does July bring????   
1.  Continued tracking....but this time I'm going to try to restrict my calories.....
2.  Continued water consumption
3.  Focus on where I want to be....not where I am!!!!

My 2017 in 2017......I managed to make the necessary miles to not fall behind in the month of June.   I didn't make up a lot of miles in my deficit...but I at least didn't drop back further behind.


Anonymous said...

You know what sometimes life just gets in the way. You deal with it the best you can and move forward. That is what you are doing. You are hanging in there and not giving up so be proud of that fact.

Shelley said...

Hope you find a new job soon and can get that stress monkey off of your back. Glad you're feeling better!

Anna said...

Glad you are feeling better. Let's get it in July!!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

And down a pound for the month is a win!