Monday, April 24, 2017

Mud mask

Well then.....for some reason this post never went live....and I just found it....  this is from Friday!!!

My weight continues to fluctuate up and down.  I'm not stressing about it.   It is what it is.   I am happy that I'm weighing daily so that I can see the fluctuations and realize that while my weigh in day was high, I am seeing lower days.  So good things are happening!!!!

On Wednesday Jason and I were out walking.  We are still on the hunt for morel mushrooms.    We haven't found any yet.  We have found other interesting things though...
It is still early in the mushroom season so we are still hopeful!!!

On Thursday the skies cleared so we hopped onto our bikes and took a ride on the canal.  It was a bit warm and muggy but we enjoyed ourselves.   And then on the reverse trip back to the car the skies opened....and we hit a wee patch of rain.

Somehow even though we were riding at the same speed....on the same the same rain; I got covered in mud!!!!  My braid was caked with mud!
 Jason had a bit of mud but no where near as bad as I!!!

Different bikes and different size and type tires make the difference I guess!

Hahaha. Years ago my brother and I rode bikes together and it rained.  He told me that if you ride in the rain you are bad ass.....well I rode in the rain AND mud!!!  I must be extra bad ass!!!!

As for my 2017 in 2017 and in particular the April goal of at least 25 miles above and beyond what I needed for April.  I am happy to say I have less than 10 miles to go to reach that goal an


Anonymous said...

good going on the miles, keep it up and you're right you are an extra bad ass :-)

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh, the mud!!! You guys both are pretty badass to ride in the rain like that!

jesseybell said...

It's been years since I biked in the rain and the mud - I miss it! Running in the rain is great - and even the mud - if it isn't too cold!

Lynn said...

I was wondering if you've ever had your thyroid checked. When I started taking meds for hypothyroidism I lost 10 lbs right away. It can really make it difficult to lose weight.

Sarah said...

Way to go! You are rocking April.

BEE said...

Awesome love it!!!