Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday madness

Bullet point style post just because.....

** I wrote my Friday blog post but for some reason it didn't go it went live today....and is much more than this lazy post!!

** It's Monday and I feel blah!!!!!

** The nerve on the top of my foot had been hurting bad lately!!!  It started about a week or two ago.   Walking any length of time is rough!!!

** Rain rain rain.....I'm ready for the rain to be over so I can get out and run and walk and be outside more!!

**We had a low key weekend.  Saturday was we hit up some antique stores....and of course tried on hats.


And on Sunday we walked along the canal for a few hours....still looking for the elusive morel mushrooms!!!

** My eating was not good this weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

love the hats

jesseybell said...

Sorry about the foot pain :( I hope it feels better soon.
Low key weekend can be nice, but they aren't always good for the waist-line.

Lori said...

Love the hats too! Weekend eating is the toughest!! :)

Sarah said...

The hats are a hoot. Weekends are the worst for eating!

Cathy said...

Talk about rain! Last Sunday (April 16) the news said that Seattle had 44.6 inches (4 feet!) of rain from October 1st through April and there was/is still the week left of April, that's a 122 year old record that was just broken. They also said that it had rained 144 days from October through April and the average rain for a calendar year is 154 in this area. That means that in 6 months we are just 10 days (well, actually less since it has rained every day this week so far) short of the yearly average. I am soooooOOOOOOOO sick of the rain!!!!!!!

There is an area on the coast here in WA that has had 116 inches, almost 10 feet. That is so crazy awful to me!