Monday, April 03, 2017

It's here!!!!

Spring is here!  I'm pretty sure!   Yes I've been saying it for weeks that I want spring to be here but this time I'm pretty sure it is here!  

Why do I say that????  Well let me talk about my weekend first and it will all be clear within time!

We knew it was to be gorgeous so we decided to take our bikes out!   On Saturday we rode our bikes on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal  near the Monocacy Aqueduct   

The weather was a bit cool but perfect for biking!   The canal was not busy too which made it extra nice.  For some reason this ride just did in my legs.  They were tired!!!   We turned earlier than we had planned (thank heavens) because Jason was also struggling but we knew why...his fancy-dancy shocks needed air and he said it was riding on a puffy every rotation of his pedal he lost at lelast 50% of his effort into the bounce.  Hahaha. 

We explored a bit at the aqueduct after we got back and then called it a day.   While we were out we did see a few blue bells but we actually had a nice conversation about can't wait to see the turtles and the vibrant colors of flowers and such.  Basically we longed for all of the things that would scream to us telling us that spring was here!

On Sunday we awoke and had a leasurly morning and then an early lunch before heading back to the canal.  This time we headed just east of Great Falls .   We pulled our bikes off the car and prepared ourselves to ride.  

Once we were ready we hopped onto our bikes and headed eastward toward Georgetown/Washington D.C.     

Almost immediately I threw on the brakes and skidded to a halt!   Why?   I saw spring!!!!!    


Turtles everywhere!   They had come out from under where they were burrowed for the winter and they were enjoying the sun!   Hip hip hurray!!!!  

And bugs...they came out too!

We also saw a few kinds of flowers dotting edge of the path. What a treat!!!!

The ride was interesting.  The canal is always a neat place to ride!!!
 This trip however seemed full of fun and interesting features!   We passed a handful of locks and canal structures.  

We looked longingly at the numerous little trials off the towpath.  We explored a few but plan on coming back as they look like good beginner trails for me to go off road, thus maybe we can avoid another tumble !!  We checked out the pumping station, the dam and the rapidly moving river.

We noticed that one of the old houses along the canal was open so we went and checked it out.  

It was the Abner Cloud House.  Which is apparently one of the oldest houses in the area (they said only one other house is older).  It pre-dates the Chesapeake and Ohio canal and was there when George Washingtons Canal was in operation.  


So many things to see.... even an old marker for miles left to D.C. Or should I say 'miles to Washington's City'?


And when we got to Georgetown (the eastern end of the canal) we got off our bikes and explored a bit.  Ok, most of our time there was spent watching the hubbub going on around the Four Seasons Hotel....secret service agents were everywhere!!!

It was an awesome ride!!!!!

Eventually we got back to the car and we headed home.  We stopped to wash the bikes (and my car).  They needed it as we hadn't washed off the salt from last weeks beach trip! !  We still had a bit of time before it got dark so we went to the park and while we went to walk, we ended up sitting on a park bench and enjoying the evening, and the site of a sunken tugboat!

So the best part???? I ended the first two days of April with 33.12 miles!!!!!   I'm well on my way to my April mileage goal!!!

Food for the weekend....not so good.  But I can clean it up!  And I WILL!!!


Rebooting Myself said...

Wonderful weekend for you! And turtles!! <3

Sarah said...

Yay for spring! What a nice weekend. You saw so many interesting things and got a great start to April's miles.

jesseybell said...

So jealous of your spring weekend - ours will come someday! Awesome start to April!

Lynn said...

I thought it was spring here, but then it snowed today. Haha.

jen said...

Yay for spring....and some Spring adventures

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and way to go on the milage.

Michele said...

Way to enjoy the beautiful area where you live!