Wednesday, April 05, 2017

April showers bring.....

April showers bring......a cancelled run!

I woke up on Tuesday determined and ready for my run.  I looked out the window...rain!  Yucky rain!  (Ok I don't mind rain....I just don't like a cold rain when I'm wanting to run!!).    So I didn't run.  Ironically enough, it rained literally until the moment I got out of my car at work and then the skies opened and it was gorgeous!!!!

We did get out and walk both Monday and Tuesday nights.  So my step count /mileage wasn't totally in the gutter!  (But at 3 -4 miles I ate into the surplus I had after the first two days of the month !).  While we were out we saw some more sure signs of spring.
Why yes that goose is sitting on a nest of eggs!!!

And if that doesn't convince anyone.....

Aren't they adorable????  

Luckily for me today (Wednesday) is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous and I get off work at noon!   The plan?  I'm heading onto the canal on my bike!

So what did I do yesterday instead of run?????

I saw this post by Pink.   

Just another reason to like Pink!

I also read about the Barkley Marathon!   I watched a documentary about this intense race a few months back.  The movie is called "The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats its Young".    Yes it's that brutal to be worthy of the name!!!   The race was conceived in 1977 when there was an escape from a prison in the area where the race is held.  The prisoner made it 8 miles in 58 hours. (The terrain is that rugged!) an eccentric man made the comment that 'I could do 100 in that time frame....and the idea for a 100 mile race (give or take) up and down the mountains of TN was born.  The entry requirements are a bit sketchy....but it involves a registration fee of $1.60 and a written essay.  If accepted you receive a letter of condolence!   First year participants must then arrive with a license plate from their state.  If you have already attempted this race and are trying again you must arrive with something else that is designated by this eccentric race organizer.  (Socks, shirts, etc).  If you are a prior year winner rumor has it that your required item is a pack of Camel ciggarettes.    The course is a 20-25 mile loop and is totally unmarked!!!   There are two water stations set up (but I've read reports that on some years the water is frozen solid) and nothing else other than the runners own personal car/tent and crew parked at the beginning of the loop.    (There is a plan in place to insure that the runners actually complete the whole loop).

 The race is capped at 40 participants each year.  In the history of the race the full course has only been completed in the 60 hours  18 times 15 different competitors (one guy won three years).   Isn't that nuts????

So anyway, last weekend was the 2017 Barkley Marathons. And we added a new winner to the books.  A man from D.C.  It was his third attempt.  There was another finisher...kinda....a man got lost and came in 12 seconds past the cut off!  I cried for him when I watched the video...can you imagine having a DNF because you were 12 seconds beyond he cut off after 60 hours of brutal conditions while running!!

I'm blown away by the fortitude and resilience of these runners.   Imagine the pain, the extreme fatigue and motivation to run pretty much 60 hours straight...getting lost in the woods....(yes happens a LOT apparently) through goodness knows what weather.  Apparently this year they encountered bitter cold, hail and snow!   The winner resorted to picking up trash, someone's discarded hat and a Walmart bag to wrap around himself to try to stay warm.   Wow...just wow!!!

So writing this I'm actually ashamed that I didn't run yesterday 40° temps....on paved the daylight....just because it was raining.  Our bodies can handle so much more than we demand from them.  And the Barkley Marathons prove that!!!

Maybe it's time to push myself a little harder!

Oh yeah....almost forgot...weigh in day. I FINALLY had a weigh in day that wasn't the boomerang weight  f 238.4!!!   I don't really know how because I haven't eaten well the last few days!   But today was 237!   I'll take it and I'm motivated to stay away from that
boomerang weight!!!


Sarah said...

The ducks are adorable.

And all I can say about that marathon is WOW! That's a crazy race and the runners are all amazing. They really are committed and super strong. Physically and mentally. But don't feel bad for not running in the rain. It's supposed to rain most of today and if so, I may not get my walk in. Fingers crossed that there is a break in the rain where I can get it in.

Congratulations on the scale movement.

Shelley said...

I watched that documentary about the Barkely a while ago, and loved seeing how hard those runners will work toward getting back to that yellow gate. Makes me not want to DO that race, but yeah, it also makes me know that a little rain or cold weather isn't going to kill me to get out and run in. Honestly the hardest part when the weather is bad is taking that first step outside. After a while I kind of enjoy it, in a masochistic way, LOL.

Congrats on not having the boomerang on today's weigh in! :)

Sarah said...

I gave a shout out to your blog today on my Little Things post. I hope you don't mind. If so, let me know and I will remove it.

Have a great Friday!

MaryFran said...

Haha I am like you, I have no desire to do that race!!!

MaryFran said...

Did you get in your run between rain drops?