Monday, March 07, 2016


I'm not feeling too hopeful for this weeks weigh in.   I believe last week I was on a "sick low" when I weighed in.   A weigh in skewed by fever!   I know that toward the end of the week I was about 2 pounds higher.  I'm still tickled with that weight's lower than it has been!    

So how could I label last week?    Lots of different ways.  Different titles for last week could include:

Continually Tired
Never Ending Cough
Come again...and again....and again fever
I miss that Man
I think I can....make it through a work day
Keeping the Pharmaceutical Companies afloat

Yes, that was one nasty bug that I somehow contracted!  Last week was LONG.   I was tired, exhausted really.  I slept long hours but that cough and fever knocked me for a loop.   The medicine just didn't seem to help.....and I tried different concoctions and potions.  I'm like my own little pharmacy.  (I'm still taking Mucinex D trying to keep the chest congestion from settling into Bronchitis or that even possible?) 

I did make it to work after a day or two, but those first days back were a example of willpower as I struggled to make it through the workday.  

The worst part of the week?  Jason and I were both sick....apart from each other and that made the week seem SOOO long to not see him!

So I did make it through the week of being sick. (Love sick too since I couldn't see my sweetheart! ha ha ha)

The victory for being sick??????  I tracked ALL of my food!   Every bite!  Every morsel!  EVERYTHING!   

The weekend FINALLY Arrived.  And luckily, I wasn't feeling 'too bad' on Friday.   But I still took it easy!  There is no way that I want this illness to rear it's ugly head again!

Jason and I hooked up on Saturday early afternoon and headed down to Rockville.   The reason?    After the hike the previous weekend, I knew I was going to be investing in new hiking boots.  Rockville is the location of the closest REI store.   I tried on pair after pair of boots.  I could FEEL my feet slipping in the shoes.  One pair were so heavy I felt like I had lead weights on my feet! 

 I finally did settle on a pair.   I settled on a pair of Salomon hiking boots. I was originally looking at a pair of mid ankle boots....but ended up going with more of a backpacking boot....with a higher ankle support.  It feels good on my ankles (that roll quite frequently) and it helps keep my feet more firmly strapped up in the shoe....more secure and more support.  

Jason and I made our way back to Hagerstown and we parted company relatively early...we each had family functions/dinners that we wanted to attend.

On Sunday I lounged around a bit in the morning, I hit up Panera Bread with my parents, Brother and nephews for lunch and then Jason and I headed out together.   I had put on my new hiking boots when I left the house. I know that the more I wear them, the better it will be when I actually hit a trail.  Jason and I are both still recovering though, so we went to the City park to simply walk.  It was perfect...nothing too strenuous but still a bit active.   We circled the park a few times and managed to rack up 5 miles.   

I also managed to pick up a geocache that I had for some reason never gotten at the park.

And I saw the wonderful texture of this box along the railroad track.   

So the verdict on the new boots????????    My heels feel WONDERFUL!   (thus far at least)   The sides of my feet have some hot spots and slight bistering though!   (Really??????   GRRRRR   Jason says it just proves how unique I really am!!!!  ha ha ha) I am hoping that it is just a 'breaking in of the boots' feeling and that my feet will toughen up and all will be well.  The hot spots are kinda where this picture is marked....

If not.....back to REI I will go and we will try another pair of boots.  No biggie (that's partly why I purchased them at  REI.....because of their wonderful no question asked return policy!)

So that brings me to Monday.  Back to the grind!    What are my plans and goals for the week ahead of me????

1.  RUN

       I plan on attempting to run at least 2-3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday morning.   I have 3.5 weeks until            the Cooper River Bridge Run......I am TOTALLY not trained and ready for this....but I have 3.5 weeks!  

     I was running 2-3 miles the weeks before I blistered if I can run 3 miles a few times this week, I             SHOULD be able to add one mile each week and be ready to run 6....or at least interval run 6 on April 2!

2.  TRACK (my food)!    
     Ok, not even just track my food...but keep my caloric intake as close to the goal of 1200 calories.

3.  HIKE 

      On Wednesday I get off work at noon.   I have plans for right after work, but I am hoping to get out at some       point to get a hike in.  (Might I also mention that the weather is supposed to be in the 70's on Wednesday!)

4.  WATER 

      Drink drink drink!


Lori said...

Sorry you have been so sick. I have a lot of blog friends and friends IRL that have been sick. Something nasty is going around. Take care of yourself, don't push too hard.

Shelley said...

I'm glad you got some new hiking boots (and the high ankle support style sounds perfect for you), but for sure, return them if you keep getting blisters. You need the perfect pair, especially for the price!

Hope you continue to get better. Glad you've been taking care of yourself.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I'm most impressed (and a tad jealous) that you're tracking your food so well! Even while sick!!!

I hope you get those boots broken in right!

Denise said...

love the boots.

Lynn said...

Maybe it's your socks??? Have you tried hiking specific socks?
It's awful to be sick! Glad you're on the mend.

jesseybell said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sick and love sick are never fun, but love hearing you being giddy about The Man :)

Breaking in hiking boots is such a PITA!

Spring is so close!