Thursday, February 11, 2016


Oh yeah, my Chinese lunch was DELICIOUS yesterday.  The conversation with my friend was even better!  It was a perfect lunch!   

My weight on the scales though?   Not so perfect.  I was up by about a pound and a half.   At least I know why.  Chinese food is a bit high in sodium so I'm sure it is a water retention issue.  Yes, I'm pounding the water today!

So my self mini "I Pity the Fool"  Challenge is being joined by some friends and some readers.  There is nothing to the challenge...other than just focus on the short term goal of April Fools Day.  Focus on that short term time frame and create a nice doable goal (no more than 14 pounds because anything more than 2 pounds a week isn't exactly recommended!)!   Well, for those actually 'playing along' they will be hearing me babble about progress and what is happening....and of course the weekly reminders when I have my weigh in!   

One of my friends asked what my plan of attack was going to be for this challenge.  I am going back to the basics.  Calories in versus Calories out.   Plain and simple.  I have a set amount of calories....I eat those calories and when they are gone...I am done eating, even if I run out of calories at 11 in the morning.     And by golly, if I run out of calories at 11AM, I sure as heck better exercise to earn something  small for dinner.    

Strict tracking and calorie counting!!!

Chocolate can be part of the plan......but I have to work it into my plan!!!!

Exercising will be part of the basic and simple plan.  The earned calories will give me a bit of peace as I don't plan on being a Nazi about remaining at exactly the caloric goal.  But I will be a little more loose on days I maybe a 100 calories or so.  I don't want to actually eat my earned exercise calories...I just want to have them in the can so that I don't have to worry so much about measuring out every nibble of food I eat. 

The other thing that came up was that I somehow started to think about the reasons that I want this.  What will losing the weight mean for me.......

1.  Awesome clothes from ANY store
2.  Energy....amazing energy
3.  Sense of pride and accomplishment
4.  Smoking hot body
5.  Health....I want to live
6.  I want to be active and not have my weight hold me back

What other reasons are out there?   Tons more I know!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very good reasons – GO FOR IT!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I love all of your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Especially the part about not wanting your weight to hold you back. That speaks to me!

Denise said...

please come read my blog post for today.

Denise said...

thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. cheering you on dear.

#fatfreefloozy said...

I have not had Chinese for so long. I am fully starting to recognise the reason for gains too! It is such a mind game, but I can let it go now and realise that it may be a sodium gain or a time of month game and not give everything up and fall off the wagon.

SlimExpectations said...

well it seems we both can be best friends and lose weight together. Lets go for this.

Debsdailylife said...

Back to basics! And great reason!

Anna said...

Sometimes a good dose of "back to the basics" is exactly what we need. Love your pity the fool challenge~

MyStalkerIsFat said...

I am back to basics, too, after weeks of gaining.