Sunday, August 16, 2015


I decided this morning to go out for my run totally unplugged.  Little did I know how unplugged I was going to be!

I ran the Krumpe's run relatively unplugged.  I didn't run any tracking app.  I didn't run any heart rate monitor.  I listened to music and just trusted the timing device provided by the race organizers.  It worked and I pushed myself and did ok.  So this morning when I got ready to head out for my run, I decided to go unplugged.  I decided to listen to music and have mapmyrun track my progress.   That would only interrupt me every mile...which would be good so that I didn't cut my run too short.  (Scheduled 4 miles today.)

All was good.  I hit the music and headed out.  2 songs into my run the voice in the headphones interrupted me to say "charge me"   Ohhhhhh heart sank.  I never tested how long I could run after I go the message to charge my headphones.   I hoped it was an hour, as that was how long I was planning that my run would probably be.  As I ran, I thought about my path and decided on the route that I would take to make it roughly 4 miles.  All was good  And then the voice reminded me to 'charge me' again.   Thanks for the notice...but I kept running, I had a run scheduled and I was NOT going to be deterred.  No how!    Just shy of a mile and my headphones went dead.  Yup....silent.   That means no music, no notifications of the miles.  Just me, my thoughts and my feet pounding the pavement.  

I ran the first mile or so with no breaks.  The second mile I broke for about 30 seconds to a minute mid mile.  The third mile I ran with no breaks.  And the fourth mile...well I walked a few more times.  (And of course rough estimates of mileage since I had no voice whispering in my ear).    
I got to where I assumed would be roughly the 4 mile mark and I was almost dead on!  I was right.  3.96 miles.  So I ran onward and then walked the other three tenths of a mile home.  First 'long' run of half marathon training completed.  (and yes, I know that 'long' is a relative term and in a few weeks I will be saying "four miles is a short run!")

I got home and drank some water....lots of water. 

Did I say I drank some water??   I must remember that in the heat, with longer runs, I am going to have to carry some water with me.  I made myself a bacon (turkey bacon), egg and cheese sandwich ate it with some strawberries and called it a morning.

Some geocaching, lunch out (Panera Bread Strawberry Poppy seed chicken salad is SOOOO yummy..I hate to see it leave when the season ends) and then a visit with my friend.  Home in the evening for some backed zuchini parmesan and a movie (I finally joined the world and saw the Disney Movie, "Frozen") and just some relaxing.    I closed out the evening with some Vanilla Oreo Cookies.  Yum!   Fun, productive (laundry completed amidst my days activities) and relaxing!

And if you didn't notice?  My eating is spot on today!   I have been stuck in a 5 pound weight vortex for the last bunch of months.  On Wednesday I was at the top end of my 5 pound range at 254.  I kept food pretty solid through Thursday and Friday and yesterday I was at 250 when I woke up.  I was determined.   TOTALLY determined to not mess this up. I ate breakfast......I ate a basic lunch (emphasis on fruits and veggies) and I planned out my dinner.  I knew my family was going to Southwest Moe's.  I looked at the calories and realized that I could 'afford' an Art Vandalay JUNIOR and the side of chips.   I didn't succumb to the full sized Art.  I ate the Junior.  I didn't succumb to the queso.  I didn't succumb to the extra chips.  I ate what I had the calories for. And guess what?   This morning my weight was 249.8.   Holy Moley!  I dropped below the vortex!   So yes, my food today....calculated and planned.  I was actually spot on at my planned calorie count today, with the exception of the oreos.  The oreos were over my 1200 calories, however according to mapmyrun, I earned just shy of 1000 calories...and geocaching usually nets me a mile or two of walking.  So I'm not worried about the 227 calories of those four cookies.  :-)     

Yesterday I had the fun of going to the most interesting bike race.  High wheels....the old fashioned bicycles.  How fun!  :-)


finding lori said...

Great job with keeping it under control at Moes! That is so hard to do there :)

Lori said...

Sometimes being alone with our thoughts is the best thing that can happen. Good for you for pushing on.

MyStalkerIsFat said...

I hate running with no music! I have had an mp3 player die on me or headphones stop working, and it usually means the end of my run, ha ha. Great job sticking to it and finishing your run!

Darcy Winters said...

I hate it when that happens! The battery on my old iPhone wouldn't keep a good charge and it would usually die right around the half way point of my walk. Kind of leaves you alone with your thoughts...doesn't it? lol

MandaPanda said...

People always think I'm so odd in that music does NOTHING for me when I'm working out. I think it's because a lifetime ago, I trained for a big event and headphones weren't allowed so I trained that way and I never got out of it. Now if I'm in a gym, I love me some trashy TV to cardio to. Good for you for not giving in to the headphone batteries of death! :)