Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's kind of senseless

I planned out my calories yesterday.  I was spot on with my eating.  UNTIL Todd looked over at me and said "I could really go for something sweet."   That just sent me off in a whirl.  What in the world could I bake that would be yummy, sweet and delicious!   I ended up making chocolate chip peanut butter bars.   Oh yes, I did!   You see, saying 'don't have the bad foods in your house' doesn't work for me.  I love to bake so it was super easy to whip these suckers up in no time at all!    The house smelled HEAVENLY as the aroma wafted out of the oven during baking.   We cut into the and I started to eat my piece of this heavenly delight.  Ahhhh pure bliss!  And then halfway through my piece I realized that I was really not digging it anymore.  I kept eating though because I remembered the pure bliss of that first bite....I wanted to recapture it!   I ate another bite or two and then said "NO!  No more!"   You see, I had already eaten to the point of being a tad bit sick.  Yeah, isn't that allow something that tastes so good turn into something that makes you sick.  Welcome to the life of an addict.

I was shocked though.  The amount of yumminess that I ate shouldn't have made me sick.  Really.  I sat watching I love Lucy (we are watching through the whole series again.....simply because I love that evidenced by my cats names.....Lucy, Ethel, Desi, Winni-fred, mertz and Frawley) and pondered this fact.  Had my body turned a corner and started to change?   Hmmmmm

I went to bed and slept quite delightfully......until about 5AM.  I woke up and I was DYING of thirst.  Now when I wake up thirsty, I know that I'm dehydrated (they say if you get to the point of being thirsty, it's too late you are already remember that when you are exercising...don't wait until you are thirsty to drink!) and that means that my weight is usually a few pounds up.  Luckily if I watch my eating and don't let that number on the scale upset me and throw me off course I am back down within a day or so of good water drinking.  But anyway, I woke up thirsty.  I laid there for a few minutes and then it HIT.  Oh did it ever hit.  A stomach ache to end all stomach aches.  I ran to the bathroom...then went back to bed.  4 times I went to the bathroom.....or was it 5.  I don't was a lot.

I don't think I have the flu....I just think my body wants to eliminate what it finds useless.   As I lay there between bouts I was thinking about this.    The food I ate last night was totally tasty.  And TOTALLY useless.  What nutrients did I really gain from that snack?   Ohhhh protein from the peanut butter!  ha ha ha...but seriously!  What a waste of food.  Food SHOULD be fuel and that food was not fuel.  Trickery!  I want food that fuels my body and makes me stronger, healthier and leaner!  

OK, I talk big right now....saying I want the healthy foods that fuel.  I KNOW....and anyone reading this post knows that in a week or two....or a month (Oh hell...I'll probably be in Lancaster next it will be shoe fly pie next I guess it will be a week....I'm not going to try to kid anyone!!) that I'll be saying I ate something 'sweet' and totally un-nutritious.   That's life.  I"m not going to try to fight it. To fight it is to deny who I am and what life is. I just need to realize that those foods are not fueling my body and that I need to limit the intake.

Meanwhile, back to the bathroom I go. today is going to be 'fun'.  ha ha ha


timothy said...

UGH! been there done that a time or mayhaps twelve! lmao
feel better and remember just have 3 bites of the "bad" and stop then drink a BIG glass of water if you're still craving!

Tricia Coniglio said...

In a marketing class I learned about opportunity cost. The cost at which you are willing to spend to reach/get what you want. The example was popcorn and how good it is the first bite. Especially if you are craving it. The delight is ENORMOUS and then the 2nd bite is just so gratifying. The 3rd and 4th are still fabulous but the delight starts to ware off. Before a while one is just mindlessly munching and the delight at the end of the bag (or bucket) of popcorn was not NEARLY worth what it was at the beginning and then almost ends up being a waste..... sometimes it does end up being a waste.

It is ironic that your post today is about this because I was just thinking about this yesterday when I had a protein smoothie (I trick myself into thinking it is ice cream) as a treat and I was thinking of opportunity costs. I was just thinking of the times I had eaten more than I needed to satisfy my craving.

Anyway, stomach getting upset afterward could be a good thing. Maybe since you are cleaning up your eating habits your stomach/body recognized it. Either way, hope you feel better.

Lynn said...

Hope you feel better soon.

The Fat Foreigner said...

Baking is a killer for me too. I love the process of baking a lot, and I live alone so there's no one t see where the treats are going (not good!)

Fran said...

I think we should eat something sweet from time to time. I try to follow my "rule" that I can have sweet things or a dessert or a nice snack on Saturday night as long as I made it myself. At least I know what's in it and I have to do something before I can have it. It's so easy to buy the sweet processed stuff.

I think you should just enjoy your sweet bite next time just eat a little bit less of it.