Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fake it until you make it

I have a deep confession to make.  I am a no thrills girl.  Yes, I know....deep and emotional confession isn't it.  I won't lie, I like to be wearing jeans a tee shirt and a big over sized hooded sweatshirt.  That is comfort clothes.  I will also admit that I stretch the dress code as far as humanly possible at work...dressing down just to the edge of where it would be considered too casual.  I like's me.  Or so I thought.

Today I was having some 'down' feelings and I just decided to dress the part.  The part of what?   Well, I don't know what the part of it was.  I wore the boots that I  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I knew I wanted to wear them.  They are black pants.  I was scanning the closet for a shirt and voila how awesome would a leopard print look with the pants?   Pretty damn awesome!   I added a black dress jacket and I was feeling good.  I felt so good that in the wild last minute rush to get ready for work (yes, I was running late) I actually took the time to dry my hair!   (unheard of for me!)   I was feeling awesome!  I was feeling on top of the world. I was feeling incredible and all those negative thoughts in my head?  It was a little bit easier to ignore them!

So often I dress so casual and 'blah' because sexy, fun, pretty, fancy....all of the above clothes are difficult to find as a fat person.  It's easier to wear the baggy clothes.  It's more comfortable to wear the casual clothes.  It's better right?   NO NO NO.  I figured out today that how we are dressed really does have a bearing on how we feel about ourselves. 

So my challenge to myself?   At least once a week I am going to plan on taking the time to actually really take the time with how I dress and how I look.  Why not more?  ha ha ha....well lets be honest, when it's 9:15 and I have to leave for work at 9:35 and I haven't taken a shower  yet, well my hair will be washed, clipped up soaking wet and I'll be skirting the edge of proper dress is what it is.  

Why was I running late this morning and in a wild rush to get ready to go to work?  Paula and I hooked up to run.  It wasn't the greatest run.  I struggled with it.  Maybe it was the lack of music (making a note to self to remember to hook up some tunes the next time we run together).  Paula did better with the running but was having some stomach issue, she thinks a side affect of some meds she's been on.  Oh well....we were out there and doing it!!!!
Smiling and happy!


LuckyMama said...

OMG! You *are* my twin!!! I'm a jeans girl - always have been, always will be.

I had to go to a professional meeting a few months ago. Suits, etc. I bought a pair of dark wash jeans, dark tennis shoes, and a blazer. That's *MY* dressing up! lol

I've always been a tom-boy and dressing really feminine makes me feel awkward.

My biggest claim to feminine fame is that I get my nails done every two weeks!

I love that you run! It's a wish of mine. One day...

Fran said...

First of all: you are not a fat person. You are a beautiful person with some overweight.

Personally I always find that dressing in comfort clothes makes me look bigger. Even though I have overweight I don't wear oversized clothes. I only wear jeans at the weekend. I have a job where I have to look nice and besides that I like dressing like a girl, wear lots of dresses and skirts.

Great pic of the two of you.

Tricia Coniglio said...

I have noticed that dressing nicer makes me feel good too. I bet you looked great!

Good job on the morning job too.....PS - music is HUGE!!! but you already knew that :)

Darcy Winters said...

lol...I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal too. I also usually wear running shoes, so I kind of surprised myself (and the hubby too) when I bought a pair of black boots for Christmas. I still prefer casual, but you're right --- it does feel good to change it up every now and then. :-)

Yum Yucky said...

I, too, stretch the code as far as possible. I'm all about comfort. Barely wear heels because you never know when you're gonna have to run. I've seen those high-heeled chicks running from zombies on TV. It never works out.

timothy said...

I agree 100% because I feel better when I dress, I am VERY colorful but somehow I wound up with a closet full of gray which puzzled me when pointed out and I threw it all away so no more blah for timmy! and I do the exact same thing at night it's 8:50 now and I have to leave at 9:30 but here I sit on the puter! lolol still have to shower and brush my're doin GREAT keep it up. but why no pics of said outfit? HINT HINT (subtle aint I)