Monday, March 24, 2014


So far so good.  I managed to hold onto my weight over the weekend...which is usually a rough time for me. It's easier for me to keep my eating under control during the work week when I put my food in my lunch box and when the food is gone I stop eating!   Weekends are not the same.  It's my downfall many times.   So I'm happy that I did good.

I had that problem with the blister before my run and during my run yesterday......well after I published my post, I went to shower.  I was dressed and getting ready to go and I looked down at my foot.  Another blister had cropped up.  This on the side of my foot...up by the ball of my foot.  WHAT???????   Crazy!!!  I can't help it that I was so blistering fast that I rubbed a second blister!

Which brings me back to those stats....seriously?  That was fast for me.  Like WAY fast.  I keep going back to it in my mind to see what in the world happened.  I looked at the individual pace for each mile, thinking that maybe the program had gotten turned off and when it picked up it picked up my new location but not since it was paused not the time. stats are all very consistent.  I even picked up the few loops off the circuit...and the backtrack portion of the run that I did.  Seriously...that's a minute a mile better than I have EVER run.  My word that is fantastic...but woah, that's just uncommon.  I haven't run since the first of March.  That's 20 days without running.  I was doing other stuff (zumba and riding the exercise bike) but still!  I can't wrap my head around it.  

So I'll next 5k is set to be the Paws on the Pavement in May. I ran this last year and set a PR (one that has not yet been been broken...I guess officially now).  So I was talking to a friend the other day and I had said that this year at Paws I wanted to break that record.  She asked me how fast I wanted to go.  I answered.  Anything faster than last years number.  She pushed for an answer and I said "I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to clock a time lower than 35 minutes.  Thirty five minutes is my next  big running goal.  Just whittling down the numbers until I get to where my TRUE goal is!  I told my friend that I figured that 35 was a really far fetched goal...but now I'm wondering........hmmmmmm can't be!  


timothy said...

mayhaps under 35 is the goal, how far under can you get is the challenge!

Debsdailylife said...

Goals are amazing!! BUT, if you dont reach it, dont let it crush your dreams!!

Tricia Coniglio said...

Another dang blister??!! Is it your shoes?

You signed up for a race after all, good for you. Sorry about the blisters tho.

Lynn said...

The exercise bike builds up muscle in your legs. So maybe it helped your running in that way.