Thursday, April 04, 2013


Had a huge malfunction today. My exercise top ride up while I ran. So I kept having to tug it down. Luckily it was cold and that was only my bottom layer, by it was awkward. But run I did! It was a straight intervals. Still slow as a slug but I'm doing it!

I came home and immediately completed my 30 day shred workout. I'm good to go for a whole. I plan on walking tonight with sherry so there is another hour of exercise! I just want this fat gone.

As badly as I want to snap my fingers and have the fat gone, I'm ok with the process. It's a process of learning and finding out what works for my body right now.

Had a scrumptious breakfast of stuffed apple French toast after my workouts. I'm showered and dressed and ready to face my day!!!!!


SANRDJ said...

Good for you for running and doing your 30DS!!! You will be svelt in no time!!

Man it looks cold there! :)

timothy said...

BRAVO! i,m doin my jillian michales cardio kickbox after i get off here!

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I love how your cat butt into that top photo, ha ha. I had to chase my cat away so I could see the scale this morning! Great job with running. It is something I want to get back into as well.

Anonymous said...

How long before it starts to warm up there? We're already cooling down for winter.