Monday, December 23, 2013

Major decision time

  I weighed in the other day at 228.9.  NOT happy with that number...but that's what it is.  I have two options.  I could throw up my hands...cry, wail and gnash my teeth OR I could accept the number.  Recognize what brought that number about.  Fix the trends that have caused that number and move on.  I'm choosing to move on!

So what are my plans to make that number drop again?  The first and most simple thing is that I am weighing myself everyday.  I have to know.  If I don't weigh myself everyday...then the tendency is to skip my weekly weigh ins.  It's not a conscious's the fact that I just happen to forget.  Honestly forget.   So when I skip I am clueless and I tend to put my head in the sand.  When my head is in the sand I tend to eat what I want to...skirting the edge of healthy but not quite making it.

What else am I doing?  I"m trying to beef up my water consumption.  I've gotten very lax on my water consumption in the last months.  So I'm working to fix that!

Small steps...the biggies will be arriving shortly!

So the weight this morning 226.8  I'm moving downward!


Maren said...

Definitely just accept it. The number is what it is. And one good choice at a time you'll change it!

Gwen said...

hi Mary Fran! I know for myself, anytime I chose not to weigh, it's a MAJOR red flag that I'm wanting to bury my head in the sand. So I have learned to weight

Also, you might want to adapt Garden Girl's 'what is working, what hasn't worked' concept. Really looking looking deep within, owning one's 'evil', and choosing new methods to help get us to where we really want to be/ought to be. Good luck, and merry Christmas!

timothy said...

whats done is done worrying/fretting/angst will do you no go so you're right acknowledge accept move on and fix what needs to be fixed, you can do this!

Kyra said...

You can do it! :) That number is just a number, it's how you live your day that matters.