Saturday, May 11, 2013

The sound alone

Yesterday I got home and my husband had left me a ‘good will gesture’ in the refrigerator.  He left me two of the 1 liter bottles of diet Pepsi.  I’m touched that he thought outside the box and got me something.  However, I haven’t had diet soda in ages.  I haven’t craved it either.  I sent him a thank you text and pushed the drinks to the bottom and back of the refrigerator.  I went into the living room and got settled in to watch the hockey game (Washington Capitals versus the New YorkRangers….game 5 of the playoff series).  I was fine with my water.  I don’t crave the diet soda.  I can see it and be surrounded and it doesn’t phase me.  I’ve been only drinking water for ages and I’ve been utterly fine with that.  However, KNOWING that there was ice cold diet pepsi waiting for me in the kitchen was more than I could handle.   It didn’t take me long to cave in to the pressure though. Yes, before long I was sucking down a diet soda.  In fairness, I didn’t even complete a whole bottle and left the second one safely in the refrigerator.  I thought all was done with it when I went to bed and subsequently woke up this morning.  I prepared my protein shake (my normal breakfast when I work in the morning is a smoothie or a protein shake that I sip on at work while I’m waking up) and filled my water jug for the day ahead.  There was no thought of diet soda.  I was done with it one diet soda…the first in a month or two was not a bad thing and would have no ill effect, right???
So I’m fine.  Not even thinking about diet soda or even regular soda.  But then my coworker twists the cap on his drink.  Shhhhhhhhh  Yes, if you drink soda you know the sound.  That sound of a new drink being popped open echoed through the office.  My mouth started to water and I could TASTE the effervescent drink in my mouth.  I could feel it tingling and burning as it went down my throat.  I actually reached for the bottle of diet soda sitting beside me……only there was no diet soda sitting beside me.  MY hand connected with the handle of my water jug.  I fell back to earth and realized how quickly the fat little mini me (that bad influence that helps bring old habits to the front and whispers in my ear to eat bad things and to skip exercise)  that resides inside me can pop back to the surface.
I’m ok.  I’m pounding the water and I’m not going to cave and drink that diet soda that is left in my refrigerator… least not anytime soon. 
On a similar note, my husband (who really is pouring it on thick….trying to make amends by his ‘giving’ not by correcting the issue though) is going to take me to lunch todaysince there is a brief lull between the end of my work day and the beginning of his work day.  He was leaning toward Mexican.   I started to put my food into my tracker.  My weight is down by only a half pound this week (and in fact it was up by 2 pounds the other day…but was back down this morning).  That doesn’t give me a lot of wiggle room in order to still show a loss tomorrow morning.  It also give me NO wiggle room if I want to hit the 30 pounds gone in 2013 on my official weigh day (tomorrow).  I really like Mexican food though…REALLY like Mexican food.  I swallowed down the thoughts of how good Mexican food tastes and texted my husband.  My text read… “Instead of Mexican can we do something else…..the calories are a bit high at Casa G’s and I have a big weigh in tomorrow.” (in fairness, since I don’t eat meat I end up eating a LOT of cheesy dishes at Mexican restaurants)  He texted back ‘sure’, so I’m not sure where we are going.  But I will rock wherever we eat! 


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Did you and your husband have a fight?

timothy said...

I can NEVER have just a diet soda it's like any other addict i'm three weeks without and one sip will start all the cravings over because I LOVE diet dew, I wanna do the dew, but I will NOT shall NOT can NOT cave in KNOW what happens. i'd pour that bad boy down the drain so it's siren song doesn't tempt you when you have a moment of weakness.have a GREAT dinner and good luck on the weigh in!

Eesh said...

I've never been one to indulge in the "fad" that is diet soda. I have cut out soda since December and haven't regretted it or missed it since. I look at it this way, it's the enemy. We don't rub shoulders with the enemy now do we? It was a good gesture, I guess but I'm happy you put it at the back of the fridge.


Vickie said...

Make a list of no food things that you would love to do with your husband. See how many you can think of that do not involve spending money. Or perhaps do cost money but you could do proactively and for less money - like Christmas pictures that you could then have printed when a sale was going. Give the list to your husband.

My experience is men revert make to whatever they "know" and if what they know are our old fat habits, they are sabotaging without realizing.

Vickie said...

Make was supposed to be back