Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Review in Picture form

I knew that the weekend had the potential to be quite busy so on Friday when I got off work I headed to town to run the bulk of my errands.  I had some big purchases to make along with the normal weekly groceries.  I purchased a heart rate monitor, protein powder, blender bottles and resistance bands.    I had been waffling on the heart rate monitor for quite a while and I actually didn't get the one I wanted. (one that has GPS and all the bells and whistles).  I talked to Todd and I opted for a no frills heart rate monitor, one without the GPS and all the bells and whistles.  I figure that if the running stays around, I can upgrade later.  Right now $70-$80 bucks was a big enough investment in something I'm not sure that I'll be using all that much (will I use it if I discontinue running.....however I'm liking running so maybe it won't be discontinued.....but the jury is still out).    I have been pondering the protein powder thing for a few months, in fact I had started gathering recipes, I had just never bitten the bullet.  And the blender bottle seemed like a good idea to go with the protein powder.  

I woke up early Saturday morning.  I knew that it was going to be  crazy busy.  I knew that if I didn't bite the bullet and get the exercise in early that I would be doomed!  So I was up and on the battlefield at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning!  It was chilly!  I was wearing pants and a sweatshirt and the wind whipped right through my clothes!  Regardless I ran. I felt like I was running slow, but I didn't do too badly and if I don't count the runs where I am really pushing myself and doing intervals and such then I was actually faster than my normal average.  Not much but a hair.  I'll take it!

Running must give me some kind of high....for the second time, I went home and tore into the house.  I scrubbed down the tub and the toilets and worked on laundry.  I was  cleaning machine!   I didn't have too long to work though.  I had things to do, people to see and places to go!!!!

I was meeting my parents at about 11AM to ride with them the hour to where they were holding the state competition for my niece.  I didn't think they were planning on stopping for lunch based on the time that we were leaving and the time that the competition was starting, but I called my dad to verify.  With that information, I packed some food for my lunch and some food for my snacks.  And yes, I actually ate a snack between my meals.  I've known that I should be doing this and should have been doing it for a while.  No looking back, I am working on it now!  I sometimes forget...even if it's packed.  But I didn't forget today.  I pulled out my grapes and nibbled on them whilst waiting for my niece to compete!

It was at this point that I decided to try my new blender bottle and protein powder.  I decided to start with  protein that was called  Peanut Butter Cup Shake.  How could I go wrong?    I put the peanut butter into the blender cup and closed that.  Into a separate container with a lid I placed 1 cup of milk. (I used almond milk as that's what we have and use at our house) Into a separate container I put 1 scoop of protein powder.  (I bought the vanilla protein powder for it's functionality, and just added a tbs of cocoa to make it  chocolate).    I would mix it when I was getting ready to eat lunch.  That would be part of my lunch along with some fruit and veggies. 

The next segment is kinda sad.  As I was packing my lunch, I upended a box of baking soda in my kitchen.  That stuff is a MESS to clean up!  But I cleaned it up and went on my merry way!.  I got to my dad's house and they weren't there and I didn't have the key to their house so I sat in my car and listened to music while I waited.  I decided to mix up my shake and try it (it was lunch time so I was good).  I put all the ingredients in the cup, tightened the lid and started shaking.  Uhhhhh after a few shakes the drinking spout lid popped open and I was instantaneously covered with chocolate shake.....uhh not good!   I drank what was left (delicious...but a little gritty), switched jackets (luckily I had a spare in the car) and when my parents got there I quickly washed my jeans (while they were on my body) and dried them with a hair dryer.  I should have known...things come in threes.  Back on track with mostly dry jeans, I was helping my mom empty her car.  I was carrying a big plastic tote and somehow tripped.  Down I went.  My knee hit the ground.  My torso hit the tote and I continued to fall over the tote and hit it again with my upper chest.  Yeah...not my hour!   As for the fall.  Bruises on my knee and my stomach and my right shoulder and upper chest is sore.  Todd is getting the brunt of it as he said Saturday night I just moaned in my sleep, and Sunday night every time he touched me I screamed and pushed him away.  I don't remember Saturday night, but I do know that Sunday night he kept trying to touch me where I"m all bruised up!  Regardless, the show must go on .

We traveled to my nieces gymnastic of that are in yesterdays post posted as I talked about my niece and lessons I am learning from this amazing 10 year old.  After the meet, we drove the few miles to the Arundel Mills mall and had dinner and did a bit of shopping.  We headed home and I went to bed almost immediately upon my arrival at home.

Sunday morning I woke up at about 5:30.  The alarm was set to go off at 7 as Sherry and I were walking at 7:30.  I laid in bed and pondered my choices.  Todd had talked about a bike ride, if the weather was nice and if it was cooler we would go hiking.  If I knew that was going to materialize I wouldn't run, but what if we didn't do any of those activities?   I started thinking about going for a run before my walk with Sherry.  I waffled.  I went to weigh myself and I told myself that the results on the scale would dictate.  I vowed that if I lost 1 pound or less I would stay home and if I lost more than 1 pound I would run. (yes, the irony is not lost on me that it probably should have been the opposite).  I hopped on the scale and low and behold I was down 3.1 pounds!  I got dressed.  WARMLY because it was COLD!  I was on the battlefield by 6:30.  I was out for about 45 minutes with my run and ended up back at my car with about 10-15 minutes to spare as I waited for Sherry.

As I waited for Sherry, I drank some water and had a protein shake (yes, peanut butter cup again).  

Sherry arrived and we walked for an hour.  The hour is activity of course, but just as important and even more importantly, it is our time to share our week, our hopes and dreams, our struggles and honestly, just to vent at times!   The walks are wonderful!

I got home and Todd was just rolling out of bed.  The day turned into him working on the mower, lunch out and then outdoor work.  So I didn't get a hike or a bike ride in.  I did some housework, laundry and weeding.  So it was a good decision to run before my walk!


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I have been tossing around the idea of getting a heart rate monitor too. Have you used yours yet? Just wondering what you think of it.

Ouch, hope you heal up soon from your fall!

Darcy Winters said...

Yes, do give a review of the heart monitor once you start using it! I eye them all the time, but hate to spend the $$$ if they don't work as well as they claim they do.

timothy said...

i doubt the running is going anywhere when you speak of it your tone is ALWAYS joyous even in desribing pain! lol i'm in awe of your determination you're just getting stronger and stronger. you are a BEAST!

twogirlsmama76 said...

I love our walks. Therapeutic for the soul!