Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Too costly?

Today I'm paying the price.  Yesterday morning Todd and I headed to the gym.  I worked out....pushing myself. My heart rate was up there and I felt good.  It was  good workout.  I put in about an hour at the gym.   Being as yesterday was a bank holiday I had off work.  Todd and I came back to the house after the gym and we relaxed a bit throughout the afternoon, just watching TV and hanging out.   Typically on days off of work, I do a double session (two straight one hour classes versus the one class that I typically can work into my schedule).  I thought about it all afternoon.  A double session?  Or should I take into account that I had already had a pretty intense workout in the morning?   Decisions decisions decisions.

I had stuck to pretty much straight cardio at the gym in the morning.  I KNEW I was going to go to the second zumba session with is actually zumba sentao.  That is usually a pretty good upper body workout (lots of tricep dips and pushups...amongst other torturous moves)  So I knew that pushing my body on the weight machines wouldn't be a good thing...I didn't want to head into that session of sentao with aching arms.  So my decision wasn't based around the second class...that class was never in debate.  My debate was for the first class.  That class was zumba with some zumba toning songs included into the rotation of songs.  Todd kept asking me throughout the afternoon what my plans were.  I kept saying I didn't know.  I didn't know for sure until about an hour before the class...and then I knew.

I was going to go for broke.  What's the worst that would happen? If my body couldn't handle it, I would just stop.   I headed into the first session and I felt really good.  My legs were responding and I felt pretty good.  It was almost as if I hadn't worked out in the morning.  My foot started hurting pretty badly toward the end of that session.  I just ignored it.  You see, my foot has been bothering me for about a year now.  I just push through it.  :-)  Pretty soon the first hour was done.  I got my chair ready and in position for the sentao hour.  It started.  I was moving but about half way into that hour I felt myself totally run out of steam.  My legs felt like they were dead weight.  I pushed through it.  I was NOT going to give up.  I was whipped, but I was NOT going to let it win.  I focused.  I moved.  I constantly thought about my exercise motto... "mind over matter."  I knew that I was tired, but I knew that my body was not in danger....while my intensity level had  threatened to waver, I knew that I was technically OK. I forced myself to maintain my intensity level.   Quitting was NOT an option.   Praying for it to end WAS an option.  haa haa haa.   I persevered.  I made it!  I conquered something that I would have thought impossible for me.  Will I do it again?  Probably not...it's a bit extreme...but I DID IT!

I came home and boy was I tired.  But the real consequences didn't hit until this morning when I went to get out of bed. Eii yii yii!   My body has this weird feeling of heaviness and achiness.  Three hours of intense exercise worked my muscles!   The cost of my three hours.....soreness! So was that too costly????   No....I did something I never thought I would do!!!! There were also some good aspects!  I got to eat extra food (I normally don't eat many of my earned exercise calories....I ate about 400-500 earned calories....not quite even one workout worth of earned calories).  Ohh...and with the pain I wanted to see what happened on the scales.  One more pound off my body.  :-)  (That's not an official weight loss...just a sneak peak).

So what's my plan for today?   Well...lets just say I'm packing my gym bag to take to work....zumba tonight after work! 


Gwen said...

At the risk of pissing you off, I'm just going to say it; three hours in one day is way too much. WAY. I am getting a sense you are trading one addiction for another. Not only will you wear your body out, but you are setting yourself up for a serious injury.

Again, all my opinion. And I wouldn't say something, if I didn't care.

Helen said...

There is a difference between soreness from using your muscles more than ordinary and actual pain. One should never push past actual pain (says the woman who did just that last summer end ended up wearing a cam boot on her broken foot)!

Darcy Winters said...

Good job on the exercise, but I have to agree that trying to work through the pain may not be the best way to go. I seriously messed up my knee several years ago in a step class because I kept going even though it was hurting. You can apparently "rip" tendons.

timothy said...

bein sore means it's working some "pain" is gonna happen when you push just make sure you know the difference between workin through pain and injury pain. also try some arnica cream for the soreness. BRAVO!

Unknown said...

I agree with the other eager here. But I do understand that occasionally you need to prove something to yourself. Just don't overdo and end up not being able to e exercise at all.

Bring Pretty Back said...

I read the others comments , and they are right ... you don't want to hurt yourself .
That being said , I am proud of you that you are making the changes to be fit and happy!
Balance my friend !
Have a pretty day!

BEE said...

sounds like you doing great ...ive been off bloggin 4 awhile and just focusing on me
push but dont injure youself please and thank you
and remember to stretch alot i actually thought i hurt hurt myself the other day and i put turbofire stretch 40 on and it just happened to be sore muscle and now i feel great so maybe skip a cardio for a 40 great stretch it will be well worth it :-)

Kady Losing It said...

you go girl! Doing something you have never done before is great! Like you said though its extreme so just make sure your body can handle it next time :)

Fran said...

Also agree with the others, if your foot really is painful don't push it. You might hurt it even more and need a longer period of recovery afterwards.

Three hours? That's a lot, well done.

twogirlsmama76 said...

Zumba tonight!!