Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I woke up this morning.  I had my eating plan for the day lined up.  All was well.   I was on target.  But then......somehow I forgot to eat my breakfast before heading to work.  Yes, I forgot to eat breakfast!   In fairness to my memory, I normally don't work the earlier shift, and I struggle with breakfast those days.  My body is used to waking up and relaxing an hour or so before eating.  So breakfast is the LAST thing on my mind on my early mornings.  In fact, I usually just eat a serving of fruit on these days.  In fact, that what was planned.....grapefruit this morning.  I got to work, typical to my day, I pull up MFP so that I can keep an eye on my calories and day. (I don't know why, it's not like it changes...what is planned is planned...but hey, it's working for me).  And that is when I saw "grapefruit" listed as my breakfast.  Uhhhhhh, oops.  I hadn't even thought about breakfast until I read my stomach is growling and grumbling.  Seriously?   I didn't even know I had skipped it until I read it and IMMEDIATELY my stomach starts growling?   No way.....that just PROVES that it's all in my mind! 

Zumba rocked last night!   Got a good sweaty workout in!


Gwen said...

You might want to try keeping a box of reduced fat Wheat Thins and a container of unsalted whole almonds, or a can of cashews at work with you. I couple those with 2 35 calories each Laughing Cow cheese triangles, and I have a very healthy, 350 calorie breakfast that's fast and easy. So even if you forget the cheese, you still can have the Wheat Thins and nuts. :)

Anonymous said...

Weekdays we are up at 4:20 for a walk. I have a pot of tea when I get home, and lots of water, but I don't eat till 8. I'm hungry by then. I think I'd struggle with eating breakfast at say 6. But I would never forget to eat breakfast lol. Me and food are just too connected for me to do that lol!

WWSuzi said...

I often forget to have lunch but I don't usually forget about breakfast :) Maybe keeping some oatmeal packets and pb at work would help?

Fran said...

LOL Funny how the brain works right?

When I work behind my desk I need my fruits around 10/10.30 am. When I have a meeting at that time I don't need it and manage to go from breakfast to lunch without a snack.