Thursday, August 02, 2012

SIngle minded

I've started rereading through this journal.  It has been interesting.  I have looked back at my initial weight loss with rose colored glasses.  I have thought and said about how easy it was.  It wasn't.  I was more focused. I was single minded in my focus.  I was so single minded in my focus that I had family members worried about me.  I knew what I wanted and I was determined that come hell or high water I was getting there.   I need that single minded focus back.  I need to focus on this weight and nothing else. Let the trees fall around me....I see only my weight loss efforts.  If it's important, it will still be there when I come through the trees on the other side.

One other thing I'm picking up is those first feelings that I encountered and worked through as I accepted the fact that I was fat and that I needed some help.

Some of the reading is dull and's me rambling about what i ate, how I was working through situations that popped up.  My attempts to start a regime of exercise.  But it is rekindling that feeling of hope, that feeling of excitement within me.

Today I walked with Sherry I from over at TwoGirlsMamma. It was good for me. It was good to talk and walk with my friend of course.  But it renewed me on my journey.  I can do this.  I can do this with a single minded focus (she remembers that single minded focus I had back then. I can do this without deprivation to myself.  I can do this by modifying small things within my life.  I CAN DO THIS.

You didn't hear me?????   I CAN DO THIS!


Debbie said...

Yes you can do this. I have faith in you. I can do it to. You have given me motivation..

timothy said...

yes you can! and i sent you a fb request so i can get you in my group, i think PERSISTENCE will do you good! lolol and it'll help me too i've been wishy washy for a bit now. seems like i'm focused but it's hazy if that makes a bit of sense??? lolol you are worth it, being selfish is NOT a bad thing! xoxoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

You definitely can! I too am looking for my single minded focus again... seems like it's so easy to lose now a days, if only the weight was just as easy to lose:-) I too will do it though!!