Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reporting on Zumba

Two and a half hours....that's how long I exercised yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, I jogged, I lifted weights, I did all sorts of things. And yesterday evening I went to a Zumba class.

Here is my full Synopsis of Zumba.

I got to the building early and stood out on the porch while the earlier class finshed. They were doing their cool down. My first impression was positive as I watched the cool was thourough. That class ended and I went in and talked to the leader. I told her that I have some problems with arthritis in my knees and of course signed my waiver and paid my fee. She talked some about some of the certifications that we would soon be receiving. Zumba sticks????? (apparently it's sticks that you hold and 'shake' while you do your work out the upper body more during the class....she stated that she was going to invest in the sticks and if we liked them, we could who knows) And turbo something or other. (to incorporate more turbo steps into her Zumba classes). So I picked a spot near the back as 'my spot'. And thus it began. What I know to be the warm up song (even though of course she didn't label it as thus) had the sweat glands primed and ready. And it went from there. It was a good workout. Sweat! Breathing deeply! Good stuff!

I liked that it incorporated so much...full body. Kicks, squats, punches, jumps, etc etc etc all within the movements of the'dance'.

Will I go back. I will talk to my husband to make sure that he is ok with me not being around every Tuesday evening...but since I'm sure he won't care...I would have to say YES.

How do I feel this morning? I'm not so much sore.......but my body just feels heavy and tired. :-)

Have I been converted to a Zumba queen? Well, zumba queen....maybe not that far. But if given the opportunity to go to a class today...I would again. Will I be excited to go next week...yes. SO it that's a zumba convert (zumba queen) then I guess I'm there. :-)

My only problem.....yesterday morning while I was at the gym I had some pain in my right ankle. I kept moving and when I got home wore a brace for a while.......took it off for a while and then wore it on my ankle during Zumba. My ankle was SORE SORE SORE during Zumba. By the end of the class I was still doing the hops (on movements that incorporated a hop or bounce) on my left foot, but had to modify the right foot. Being off the ankle all night seems to have helped. :-)


I told Todd yesterday that no matter what I felt like....I WAS going to do something active today. A bike ride, a trip to the gym, a walk....SOMETHING! So I hope he cooperates with me.


Shelley said... really rocked the workouts yesterday. Zumba sounds fun!

Leigh Anne said...

I've always wanted to try Zumba. Thanks for the awesome review!! :)

lindalou said...

Good Review...I've seen "Zumba" and never knew what it meant.

Way to go on being so active!!

Sevenbeads said...

Watch the ankle but there are probably modifications you can do. I've heard nothing but good things about Zumba. It looks more like dancing than exercise.

Reese said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time at Zumba. :) I love it! It is one of my favorite exercise classes.

Lose weight said...

I know exactly how you feel, and being tall is kind of worse because you can semi-hide the fat away even though you know it really should go.I did WW a few years ago when I was in the UK and could access the on-line version (I'm in Ireland now and they haven't got to that level of technology!). It worked very well although I did end up mostly eating broccoli stirfrys and getting really fed up with broccoli. I didn't find that it made me really paranoid about point and calorie counting (except in the first week), but it did make me much more aware that things that look relatively innocuous can be pretty bad (like 3 points for one frankfurter and I can happily eat a whole packet).I loved being slim but then the boyfriend moved in and I put it all back on again. I keep trying to start again but it's pretty half hearted so I'm still over-weight (and getting older makes the fat harder to lose too). I will try again but the thought of going to a room full of people to get weighed every week puts me right off, so I'll either do it on line or use the At Home version depending on where I am.Good luck whatever you decide to do.

U. Hoodia said...

I hear ya I do and I'm glad you made me stop and think. BUT really I'm one of those people who don't handle sleep being broke up very well, heck i don't handle not getting 8 hours very well. But I'm adjusting and taking it easy (if only you could see my house, hehehe!) as much as I can. As for the exercise I'm doing it's a 10 minute pilates on the exercise ball routine that is for flexibility (which really means all i'm doing is stretching). I skip the 1 thing that is abdominal involved and modify the things that tend to make me notice my abdomin. I've also been doing 5 minutes of arm exercises with the ball... believe it or not, after the 10 minute flexibilty portion I feel less stressed and feel more in tune and ready to go for the night ahead. mainly it's becoming my "me" time as my husband has been taking baby duty while I do it, I focus on modifying every move to be sure I'm not "harming" myself. :) I'm not cleared yet which is why i'm modifying an already super easy routine. :)As for little man sleeping through the night... yeah, did I forget to mention to ya all that the reason i'm so exhausted is that we've found out he's lactose intolerant (so we've had some issues lately) AND we've been dealing with colic issues this last week and a 1/2. To top it off every other night he's up to eat every 2 hours instead of every 3 like he is during the day. So... yeah. :) he was great those first 2 weeks, only getting up 1x between 10pm and 5am... and yeah, that has stopped. Oh well, what do you do, it's all part of the job. :)And I promise not to over do it. :)