Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last week I wasn't able to exercise so last night when I stepped onto the treadmill, I was not sure how my body would respond to the command to run (ok, so I'm not full out running...I'm jogging). It was rough. I had last run 3 minutes and walked 2 back and forth. And I felt as if I didn't need the complete 2 minute recovery walk time. I didn't feel ready to jog again before the end of my recovery time...but I perservered.

This morning I went to the gym again and attacked that darn treadmill. Same cycle 2-3. I got to talking to my mom though and lost track of time on my second to last jog and ended up not jogging it. Did I let that deter me? NO. I figured it out when I had 7 minutes left.....I simply picked up the pace and jogged for 6 minutes straight. SIX MINUTES STRAIGHT! WOOOO doggie. Admittedly, I had to step off and catch my breath at the end of the six minutes but I did it!

Been thinking a lot lately....is it possible to lose weight without exercise.....Yes, I think it is. I think it's just so much slower and I think the exercsie really does make us lose it more proportionatly (keeps us looking human and not some weird shaped person....huge butt but narrow shoulders....or whatever)

Yesterday evening after my treadmill time, I moved up to the bikes and rode. A sadness overtook me. I became sad with myself. I sit back and say how frustrated I am because I'm not losing weight at the rate that I wish to lose. I get depressed when I have setbacks and gain some weight. But that wasn't why I was sad. I was sad because last night I just sat there and realized that I've done it to myself. ME MYSELF AND I have caused me to not lose weight at a good pace. MY MYSELF AND I have caused me to show gains on various weeks. It is MY actions that have caused it. Yes, I showed a gain last week...and I can blame it on my not being able to exercise...but ultimately, I ate the food that caused the gain. (I had my plan to negate that food and it fell through, yes...but ULTIMATELY I ATE THE FOOD). I can use every excuse in the book, and they may be valid ones....But, excuses or not, no one is forcing me to shovel food into my mouth. If I keep my eating under control, I would still be halfway there....still losing, if only slowly.


Unknown said...

Its good to realize that you are responsible for your choices, but at the same time, don't be so hard on yourself that you only discourage yourself. Just start making better choices, and look ahead, not back. Try not to focus on where you "could have been if only", instead, look to where you want to be, and what its going to take to get there.

F. McButter Pants said...

I hate when I am the problem and the solution. UGH!

I totally get the comment you left for me today. I am great at problem solving for others, not so good for myself. Again....why??

Great post!

Manon~ said...

Problem solving first demands that you recognise the problem. Then it requires that you seek a workable solution (I think we probably know that too)..The third part is simple - we have to implement the solution.

Sounds easy said like that - and we all know it isnt, but perhaps your 'moment' is what you needed to recognise that you know the solution, and you also know how to implement it -- as one friend would say to me 'Get to work!'

:) Rooting for you.


Reese said...

I'm sorry that you felt bad. I think it is good that you are dealing with those feelings. But, you also have done wonderful things for yourself... Like 6 straight minutes!! Woohoo! That is great :)