Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok, I have to admit. Yesterday I didn't get any formal exercise in. I worked until 12 and went straight home. I picked up Todd and we headed to town to run errands and have lunch. We got lots done. We hit up Lowes and got some potting soil and we also picked up some plants for the planters on the front deck Lily copy No, we didn't buy Lily's...but the lily's were so pretty, I had to snap a picture. We hit up Target, the Christmas Tree Shop, Sam's Club, Best Buy and AC Moore. Lots of errands.

Eating yesterday....well, we went to Hard Times Cafe. We had 10.40 cents off of a purchase of $25. I ordered the Alamo Chicken pasta thingy and a side salad. I ate a half piece of cornbread. They gave free wings with any I had 6 wings. I ate the wings as they came first, then the salad. The entree came and I nibbled.....I ate maybe half of it....and then I boxed it up. That is soooo rare for me! I will usually eat until I'm literally sick to my stomach. But not yesterday. And it felt good! It also saved money too...because we only spent $17 on the food...and it was two meals! (Todd had leftovers also!) I did eat my leftovers last I was able to enjoy it a second time also! But seriously, only eating half....literally stopping in the middle of the dish and boxing up the rest...that is HUGE HUGE HUGE for me!

Sooo today I'm back at work for an 8 hour day. Vault I've already been to the gym this I'm on track! My eating is also under control. All is right with my world.


Reese said...

I love this time of year! I can't wait to plant flowers :)
Good for you, stopping at half!! That is awesome!

bbubblyb said...

"All is right with my world", I'm feeling that way today too MaryFran, doesn't it feel GREAT!!!! Way to go on only eating half. I'm impressed with your morning workout too, you are rocking it *smile*.

VRaz60 said...

Busy day! Sounds as tho' you accomplished a great deal. I'm counting the shopping for plants, lugging soil and boxes of plants, lugging the hose to water and all of that stuff as exercise!! My little, tiny garden is up and running. Even the tomatoes which I planted WAY too early, are still looking good. My fingers are crossed.

Bravo for boxing up the leftovers. That's a big deal in my book.

F. McButter Pants said...

Good for Miss Miss MaryFran! Take those Victories were you can.

Eating to the point of being miserable is my M.O. too. Even if it's good for me food. Too much is still too much!

Manon~ said...

Cafe Nero - apart from having books - also has big squashy chairs to read them in -- sounds great till you have to get out of them roflol.

I had a similar experience with two chips the other day -- never before in the history of Blue's chips (read fries) have so many been left on the side of the plate. roflol.

Lindsay said...

Good for you!!! Spring is my favorite bring on the flowers :)

Leigh Anne said...

That is awesome!!!! I'll probably blog about that when I manage to do it too, LOL. Congratulations. ;) And, happy flower time!