Friday, October 31, 2008


Why am I so lacking the will power to carry on this journey of losing weight. I went to my meeting yetserday morning hoping that would pump me up and bolster my will power. I did good when I got home. I did good all day. Dinner rolled around and I did good. I cleaned up the kitchen and then it started. I was totally craving something salty. I had pretzels (luckily only one serving as if you remember I put the pretzels into sandwhich bags after counting out portions), I had baked tortilla chips (looking at it...probably only one serving), I had a weight watchers dessert sundae thingy. I had a WW sweet and salty bar. Ohhh and I had a 1 point piece of candy. WHYYYYYYY?????

This morning I woke up and exercised. I finished up my grocery list for the upcoming trip to the grocery store. AND I wrote my intake of food down for the day. Come hell or high water I'm sticking to it today! I actually have 2 points to spare to account for a snack sometime after dinner. Maybe I'll make popcorn...who knows. I'm hoping that maybe if my food intake is pre-written down that I'll stick to it!!!


Donna B said...

Honestly I think the change in weather has made me kind of sluggish lately. I'll see what happens after we change the clocks this weekend. I have been so tired lately, and nothing has changed in my schedule, so what's up with that? Keep up the good work journaling and planning. This is a GREAT habit to have even during difficult times. It makes you stop BEFORE you totally binge out.

Anonymous said...

Hey. We all have times when we're bingeier than others, if that's a word :-)

keep tracking your food and maybe your mood so you can get to the bottom of the munchies.

Donnalouise said...

I find the longer I am on this journey, the more I don't want to be on it anymore! I'm just tired of always watching everythign I eat...but maybe this is the biggest hurdle to get over, and then the ride gets smoother.

JC said...

Writing it down really does help me, if I would just do it.