Thursday, October 30, 2008


I really don't have much to say. I did make it to a meeting this morning. I was up 7 pounds. I'm not happy with that figure, but I'm ok with it. Meanwhile, I've eaten pretty good thus far today. :-)

Planned out my menu for next week, grocery list is in the works. I'm gonna make it this week...AND post a loss!!!


JC said...

Keep at it girlfriend. I'm sitting here eating veggie soup for the 3rd day in a row but I also when shopping at lunch and bought petite large instead of plus anything. BTW the heat at work is off again so I shopped and walked at lunch until I was warm enough to stand being in here.

Donna B said...

Thinking about you....This next week is going to be better! You have been exercising and planning your meals. I'm here for ya! Keep up the positive attitude.

Deborah said...

Keep it up, MaryFran. You can do it. Going to the meeting was a good step in the right direction and planning the meals is another.