Friday, September 26, 2008

something to work for

I have done pretty good today with my eating. I'm happy at least. I feel as if I've done what I needed to do to get myself back on target! Tonight for dinner I made Southwestern Chicken. This is a pretty good meal, and quite filling! The kitchen is now cleaned up and I'm relaxing.

I got to thinking after reading todays post from JC about feeling power when we eat or overeat. It got me to thinking. NO, I never had that when I overate. However I do definitely feel empowered when I am eating correctly and making good choices. And as I read it, I knew that I want to feel that self satisfaction and empowerment. It really is a great feeling! And I'm going to strive for that feeling! Thanks JC!


Deborah said...

Do you mind if I put a link on my recipe page for your recipes?

Donna B said...

I agree with you about feeling empowered about not eating and/or over indulging. It is like a BIG success to get all of your eating under control as much as you can. My hubby & I were talking at lunch about how we have more control over our eating and what we eat, the biggest hurdle is snacks. I just don't buy them anymore, other than popcorn and 100 calorie icecream dixie cups. a full bag of chips or pretzels are just bad news in our house, we can't just eat one serving!

JC said...

Wow, I'm so glad my post got you thinking. It did the same for me and you are absolutely right. When I make good choices (not just food and exercise but life in general), I feel empowered. It is a great feeling.