Friday, September 26, 2008

gym visit and general thoughts

Todd and I went to the gym this morning. I had just stepped onto the elliptical machine when a friend saw me. We started to talk. 30 minutes later, after having just stood there doing nothing remotely exercise related, we moved to side by side treadmills and walked while we talked for another 30 minutes. While I didn't get a really intense workout in today, I think talking to this friend was super important. She is a friend from the weight watchers group that I was attending, the one that was cancelled. She is struggling with her weight also. We discussed the emotional issues that I'm working through and the ones that she is working through. I felt refreshed when we left. Just what I needed.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to force myself to ignore those feelings and desires to 'stay hidden' in the woodwork. I'm pushing myself to do what I want to do and not worry about anything other than the fact that it is what I want to do and ultimately that I'm happy. And you know what? It's not killing me. No-one has looked at me oddly, in fact some of my efforts have sparked some really great conversations with others. So I'm trying.

My weight today 185.4. So still up. I'm actually not too overly surprised. Last night I made the ultimate comfort food (ok, one of them), Perogi casserole. It is super yummy, tasty and a carb lovers dream! I did eat accordingly the rest of the day but I know that when I overload on carbs I don't lose as well.

Don't know what I'm going to do to shake up my weight to start losing...but I'm gonna try my best! I will also have to start going to ww meetings regularly and paying until I get this excess 3-5 pounds off to get me back under. Not that that is any problem because I actually have always planned on continuing to attend the meetings weekly. I haven't done it though this month because I've been trying to get back under my goal so I dind't have to pay. Didn't make it...oh well. So either Monday or tuesday I'll be back in meetings. Not sure which there isn't really any meeting that fits my schedule!


Deborah said...

OMG that casserole sounds yummy. I'm not going to make it until I get to goal, but believe you me I will then.

Glad you're going back to WW meetings. That just might be what you need to get the extra couple of pounds off.

Anna Belle said...

I'm sure your friend needed the talk as much as you did. Get on back to WW and figure out where you need to adjust. You have come to far to stay down on yourself. I know emotional issues are very hard to deal with. I'm dealing with plenty of them as well. However, I think we will be better off in the long run if we just do what is necessary now. Sorry I haven't been around, I've had logistical (computer access) issues.

Anonymous said...

this really got me thinking:
I'm trying to force myself to ignore those feelings and desires to 'stay hidden' in the woodwork
as when I was a trainer I often would (gentlylovingly :)) nag my clients NOT TO WANT THAT.
to want to be strong. powerful. take up space in the world. be noticed.

for me/them it was weight training that jolted the ah ha! moment.

just a thought...