Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Sameness

Typical Saturday. I got up early and rode the exercise bike for a a bit. Yeah, I know that Todd had mentioned going to the gym on the way to the grocery store, but I also know that those gym plans seemed to get cancelled a lot and I'm left with no exercise. Thus I decided to ride anyway and if I got a second workout in...great! I worked from 8AM until noon....BORING! But hey, I got my coupons in order for my afternoon grocery trip! Yes, I tell you, every Saturday is the same old same old isn't it? Yep, grocery shopping. (and I was right...we ended up NOT going to the gym!) I came home, prepared everything (chopped veggies for the salad, cleaned the fruit, made a few things and all is good). About the time that was done, it was time to make dinner! I made Todd Pecan Salmon. He said it was pretty good. I dont' eat seafood so I couldnt' tell you for sure...but I made him go into detail about the texture, moisture and I'm reasonably sure it tasted good. After dinner I realized that I hadnt' taken my picture of the day for the 365 I started playing with my that done. And now I'm just sitting here relaxing. I'm debating watching a movie (I've got What happens in Vegas to watch) or to read some more of my book...(it's an Iris Johanson book...The Face of Deception)....hmmmmmmm tough choice! Eating wise. I didn't do badly....a little high in carbs, but ok. weight 185.6


Donna B said...

Salmon recfipe looks and sounds good! Problem is my hubby is the one that doesn't eat fish, so I doubt I will fix it for myself even if I am eating alone a night he is gone.

Same old Saturday here as well - visited his dad in the AM for Mass at his nursing home, lunch and then chilled out the rest of the day. Did have a nail biter of a Phillies game to watch as they finally won the Division!

Donna B said...
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Deborah said...

I only eat shrimp or crab. I hate the other seafoods. Well...I do like salmon cakes but not fresh salmon. So that's one recipe on your "menu" that I won't be trying.

Glad you got your biking done early since the gym didn't pan out.

I put your link up and am tempting people with the picture of the cake.

Michelle said...

See? You were so smart to get that exercise in. Great job!!

Donnalouise said...

Just curious, what is your goal weight? Do you have one? We weigh pretty much the same you and I right now I am am hoping to get down to 150lbs. I'm 5'7" Just wondering if we have a similar goal :)