Sunday, September 07, 2008

picking up the pieces...AGAIN

I did so dang good today. I kept my points under control. I ate dinner and I actually had 3 points leftover. NOT so after I had a banana with peanut butter and a sliver of the dessert that Todd made (basically pudding in a chocolate crust). ARRGGGHHH!!!!! I was so proud of myself and then I totally lost it! Where is my motivation? Where is my will power? No, better yet, what the heck am I thinking??????????????


Deborah said...

Shame on Todd. It's all his fault. Bad hubby. Gosh the banana and peanut butter sounds yummier than the pie he made, though.

Anonymous said...


just checking in so that you know Im here.

Im new.


the wagin is outside waiting for you to climb back on.



Donna B said...

The pie sounds just like what my mom made for our picnic last week. Luckily even though I ate a sliver of it, I felt so sick it was so sweet! Not sure when the next time will be that I partake of that dessert, but I know I need to pass it up when it is presented to me. This whole weight loss situation is a "learn and do the best you can" with any food situation. PLEASE always remember where you came from and realize the sliver of pie is NOT going to put back on the 130#'s you have successfully lost. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You can do this MaryFran. You're determined and dedicated. We all have moments when we sort of fall off the wagon but we're all here for you...don't forget that.

You've come a long way, keep that in mind.

JC said...

Hey girlfriend, enough of beating yourself up. Today is a new day full of great possibilites to get the food thing right. Remember you accomplishments. Your body has changed and is tell you it doesn't want crappy food even if it is good but making you feel bad. But, you already know this. Have great day.